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1841 census
source                Ho 107 peice 532 folio 7 pg 35
Place                 Ashton under Lyne
dwelling              Portland street 

Peter    Chatterton   35        Cotton Mill             n
Ann      Chatterton   35                                n
Edward   Chatterton   13        Cottom mill             y
James    Chatterton   11        Cotton Mill             y
Martha   Chatterton    8                                y
Ann      Chatterton    6                                y
Margaret Chatterton    4                                y
Hannah   Chatterton    2                                y

1851 census
Source               HO 107 2154
Place                Hyde, Ashton under Lyne
Dwelling             Flowery Field, Well Meadow 

Ann      Chatterton  head  w 44  Domestic duties                  Bredbury
James    Chatterton  son   u 20  Cotton Weaver                    Gorton
Martha   Chatterton  dau   u 19  Cotton Weaver                    Gorton
Ann      Chatterton  dau   u 17  Cotton Weaver                    Gorton
Margaret Chatterton  dau   u 15  Cotton Weaver                    Gorton
Hannah   Chatterton  dau   u 13  Cotton Weaver                    Gorton
Edward   Chatterton  son   u 22  Tender of self acting Jenny      Gorton
Sarah    Chatterton  DIL   u 19  Cotton Weaver                    Stalybridge
Peter    Chatterton  Gson  1                                      Stalybridge

1861 Census
source                 RG9 2557 36
place                   Hyde         Ashton under Lyne
dwelling               Well Meadow, Flowery Field 

Ann       Chatterton, head  W, 55                                 Cheshire
Ann       Chatterton, dau   u  26   Cotton Weaver                 Lancashire
Hannah    Chatterton, dau   u  22   Cotton Weaver                 Lancashire
Edward    Chatterton, son   m  32   Cotton Spinning Operative     Lancashire
Sarah     Chatterton, dil   m  33   Cotton Weaver                 Lancashire
Peter     Chatterton, gson     11   Scholar                       Hyde
Robert    Chatterton, gson      7   Scholar                       Hyde
Elizabeth Chatterton, gdau      5                                 Hyde

sheet 2

1871 Census 
Source                   RG10 Piece 4080 folio 150
Place                    Hyde 
Dwelling                 Thomas Street, Flowery Field, 

Ann    Chatterton  head w  65  Housekeeper,                     Bredbury
Ann    Chatterton  dau  u  36  Cotton Weaver,                   Gorton
Hannah Chatterton  dau  u  32  Cotton Weaver,                   Gorton

1881 census
Source                 RG11 Piece 4049, folio 51  page 
Place                  Flowery Hill Hyde,  Newton,  Ashton under Lyne, Cheshire
Dwelling               36 Thomas Street 

Ann Chatterton head   w 75    Housekeeper                      Bredbury Cheshire
Ann Chatterton dau    u 46    Cotton Weaver                    Gorton

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