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 map Glossop - Disley From Christening records it first appeared the family moved around quite a lot.

The first 2 children Ann b.1801 and Peter b.1802 are christened as St Mary's Independant, Glossop parish also known as Top Chapple which is about 1 mile to the west of Glossop town (Derbyshire)in the hamlet of Charlesworth on the modern A626 road.Photo of Chapple
In 1804 and 1806 children James and John were christened at Tiviot Dale Chapel Wesleyan Methodist, Heaton Norris, Lancashire, which is on the north bank of the river Mersey opposit Stockport Cheshire again on the A626.
Examination of Methodist records reveal they travelled from Mottram a couple of mile north of Charlesworth
From 1808 the remaining children were christened at New Mills Derbyshire. However the parish entries specifiy that they were from New York, township of Charlesworth just across the river from Mottram.
Analasis of other Methodist baptisms reveals most of Wesleyan followers were from artisan class and also traveled considerable distances ( for those times) to baptise their children.

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