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born; 2nd September 1860 Castlemaine, Victoria, Australia Died; 13th June 1872
Grey River Argos, 15th June 1872
A fatal accident occurred at the Co-opera-tive Star Company's, claim at the Kanieri, on Thursday morning, says the Wist Coast Times, to a boy named Joseph Goodyer, who was only eleven years of age. The boy's duty was to hook on the trucks ascending the incline, and he was employed in that servies about half-past five on Thursday morning, when a truck which had nearly reached the summit of the ascent got loose and ran back upon the boy, jamming him against a stump of a tree. The man who was receiving the trucks hastened down, with all speed and extricated the boy, who remained insensible for about twenty minutes. He was brought down to Hokitika Hospital, but he died shortly after admission.

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