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1881 Census for Reid's Buildings, Dull

Alexander    Kidd       age 30 head Machine Fitter        b Dundee
Grace        Kidd       age 23 wife  (nee campbell)       b Dull
Grace        Kidd       age 3  dau scholar                b Dull
Robert       Kidd       age 1  son                        b Dull
Charles      Kidd       age 1  son                        b Dull
Alexander    Kidd       age 6m son                        b Dull

John         Campbell   age 19 boarder Draper's Assistant b Dull ++
Lizzie Jane  Campbell   age 11 visitor scholar            b Dull ++
Robert       Barr       age 28  lodger Baker Journeyman   b Leith

++ siblings of Grace visiting from Cultullich?

Alexander Kidd (b~1850) was the son of
Charles KYDD and
Grace McFarlane of Dundee.

Grace KIDD (nee Campbell) died in Dundee in 1903.
Alexander Kidd married again to a Margaret ?.

1841 cencus for Dull pg12      book 5   Brae of Culltullich

Robert      McFarlane   age 60
Margret     McFarlane   age 45
Christian   McFarlane   age 25
John        McFarlane   age 15
child                   age  1
How do Robert Campbell and Elizabeth Robertson come to farm Culltullich
what relation is Elizabeth's mother Grace McFarlane b.1807 to the
McFarlanes at Cultullich (too old to be a daughter)
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