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Letter to James Campbell re his mothers death

London S. W.
103 South Lambeth Road
16th November 1875

Your Mother for whom you seemed to have shown little affection died on 26th September 1875. She had been only confined to bed 3 weeks altho she had been failing for some time. She had not suffered from any pain up to the last so that she died from old age and exhaustion. She had every comfort and attendance that she could wish for up to the last moment.
Her Sister Mrs Thomson , Mrs Scott, your Uncle Johnís Widow & Mrs Thomsonís 2 daughters Annie & [Jess?] were with her at the last. The latter had been staying with your Mother for years.

She has left you by her Will all the things that belonged to her at the time of her decease and I as Executor. I have had everything belonging to her valued by an Appraiser and he has valued everything. They come to £34. 10/-. I shall send you a true copy of the appraisement and an order for £33. 9/-. The Appraiserís charge being £1. 1/-making with the £33. 9/- £34. 10/-. So that you are not even charged with the funeral expenses altho you do not deserve such a liberality shown you by me when you did not even acknowledge the receipt of the bill of exchange I sent you on 9 July 1865 for £25 Sterling I sent you.

This is the worst piece of ingratitude I have ever heard of to say nothing of my having supported your Mother in every comfort that she could wish for, for 17 years. I am only surprised how she could have that affection for you to leave any of her small means which she possesed although the most of the things were got out of the annual allowances supplied by me. I hope I shall hear from you upon receipt of this. I sent you a copy of the Scotsman Newspaper of 28th September in which was the notice of your motherís death.

Yours truly   Chas Scott
P.S. She was 79 years and ten months of age.

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