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1841 cencus shows 2 Campbell families at Dundavie,Grandtully

Alexr.      Campbell     50    ag lab
Margret     Campbell     40
John        Campbell     20    ag lab
Archibald   Campbell     15
James       Campbell      5             from nz     born .09 jan 1835

1835 baptism in the parish of Dull

By 1851 James has started his studies in Science

1851 census
source                ED: 2C; Page: 9; Line: 7; Roll: CSSCT1851_80;
place                 Perth
Dwelling              113 High Street

James  Anderson   65 head       retire spriit dealer          Little Dunkeld
Janet  Anderson   60 wife                                     Dull Perthshire
Shusan Campbell   16 serv                                     Dull Pershire
James  Campbell   16 Nephew      Scholar                      Dull Perthshire
William Chisholm  28 lodger      Boot Closer                  Perth
Duncan Mcgregor   31 lodger      Upholsterer                  Perth
Alexander Hood    38 loger       Engineer
Donald Mensier    25 lodger      Spint shopman                
Thomas Mensier    21 loger       Shopman
James is listed as Nephew, ie- a son of a sister of James Anderson or possible Margaret Scott is Janet Anderson's sister,
however no married of a James Anderson to scott can be found
Was Margaret originally an Anderson and a widow when she married Alex. Campbell
James writes to his uncle it reporting on his studies -
did his uncle help pay for his studies?

92 Spital,
May 1854

My Dear Uncle
I am sorry that I don’t manage to explain the balloon correctly, but I hope to explain better this time. The Hydrogen being much heavier (1) than common air ascends in the atmosphere till it reaches a place where the air and it are of the same rarity in like manner when a quantity of Hydrogen is enclosed in a silk bag or any other light material it ascends, being much lighter than common air, until it reaches a place where it displaces a quantity of air equal to its own weight and that of the silk &c and there it will remain, things remaining as they were – this is not much better than former explanations.

(1) [marginal note in a different handwriting] it is the lightest of all gases, but I suppose this was a lapsus pennae [Latin for ‘slip of the pen’], as you subsequently assign the real cause of the ascension of a balloon

I intended to inform you better regarding the class I left, but had not sufficient room, before I was in the highest mathematics class, but now another class has commenced, for the students, such as Mr Cochrane and those who were at the Gymnasium before, i.e. those who were at College the last session, and require mathematics for the second year, this is the class that I joined, and we are now at the 6th book.

The Homer that I have got is Ferguson’s edition, which only contains four books. It has a vocabulary which helps a good deal. Homer uses rather strange cases compared to Xenophon, and I find it somewhat difficult. I have been at the bookseller’s today – he had not the book you mentioned, but he is to get it for me by next week.

I am able to make out all your remarks, and that is the first thing I look to when I get a letter from you.

I remain
Yours Affectionately James Campbell

You should get Fowne’s Manual of Chemistry just published at 12/- a new Edition edited by Jones and some other person whose name I forget.

[The letter appears to contain annotations and corrections, presumably by the recipient uncle. George Fownes Manual of Chemistry (3rd edition 1849) went through six further editions edited by Jones and Hofmann after his death in 1849, with a 10th American edition revised by Henry Watts appearing in 1878]
Around 1855 James gave up his studies and followed his half brother Duncan to NZ
It was originally thought James arrived in Auckland on the Gazelle from Australia,
as per Daily Southern Cross, 9 May 1854, however the letter's date showes he was still in scotland

James married Cathrine Cameron the sister of Duncan Campbell's wife Sarah Cameron on 16 apr 1857 in Devonport Auckland NZ
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