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1851 census
place           Dull
Dwelling        Dundavie

Margret     Campbell      50   widow Head Domestic duties   b.Borlick, Perth
John        Campbell      28   son   Farmer                   Dundavie
Robert      Campbell      24   son                            Dundavie
May         Campbell       6   niece                          Aberfeldy
Jane        Campbell      19   Serv.                          Glasgow

 1861 census
source                  ED: 7; Page: 1; Line: 16; Roll: CSSCT1861_47
place                   Aberfeldy
Dwelling                Dundavie, schedule 3

John     Campbell  head 42   Farmer                      Dull, Perthshire
Isabella Campbell  wife 32                               Dull, Perthshire
Margaret Campbell  dau   3                               Dull, Perthshire
Isabella Campbell  dau   1                               Dull, Perthshire
James    Thomson   serv 30                               Dull, Perthshire
Janet    McDonald  serv 19                               Dull, Perthshire

1871 census
source               ED: 7; Page: 3; Line: 2; Roll: CSSCT1871_60.
place                Aberfeldy, Dull, Perthshire
Dwelling             schedule 10, Dundavie 

John     Campbell  head  53   Farmer of 32 acres             Dull
Isabella Campbell  wife  43                                  Dull
Margaret Campbell  dau   13   Scholar                        Dull
Isabella Campbell  dau   11   Scholar                        Dull
Janet    Campbell  dau    8   Scholar                        Dull
Alexr    Campbell  son    4                                  Dull
James    Thomson   serv  40   ploughman                      Innerchatan
Jessie   Stewart   serv  20   general servant                Aberfeldy
John     Mcdonald  serv  10   cattle herd                    N.K.
Duncan   Scott     lodger 70  Hawker                         Alyth, Perthshire

1881 cencus 
source                     vol 324 enu7 page2
place                  Dull, Aberfeldy
Dwelling               Dundavie 

John        Campbell  head 63  Farmer of 34 acres emp 1 man 2 girls 1 boy    Dull
Bell        Campbell  wife 53                                                Dull
Bell        Campbell  dau  21     dom serv.                                  Dull
Janet       Campbell  dau  18   dom serv.                                    Dull
Alexander   Campbell  son  14  Scholar                                       Dull

James       Thompson  serv  51   farm sev.
Elizabeth   Innes           40    Lodger former gen serv

1891 census
Source               ED: 6; Page: 8; Line: 2; Roll: CSSCT1891_106
place                Aberfeldy, Dull, Perthshire
Dwelling             schedule 30, Dundavie 

John      Campbell  head   73 Farmer                           Dull
Alexander Campbell  son    24 farmers son
Margaret  Campbell  dau    28 famer's daughter
James Thomson       serv   52 farm serv
Christina Carmichael  serv 25 general servant                  Kenmore

1901 census
source           ED: 3; Page: 20; Line: 19; Roll: CSSCT1901_114.
place            Aberfeldy, Perthshire
Dwelling         Schedule 141, 24 Bank Street

Alexander Campbell head     34    Farm Carter                Dull    
Maggie    Campbell sister   40     Housekeeper               Dull
John M    Norrie    lodger  24     Grocer's Assistant        Dundee Forfarshire

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