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                     born circa 1800
 Margaret            Duncan        John       Charles       Janet?       Ann
 b.                  b.            b.         b.            b.          
 d.                  d.            d.         d.            d.           
 |                   |             |          |             |           
 m.1835              m.            m.         m.            m.
 |                   |             |          |             
 Alexander                                                  Thomson

Possible birth
Margaret Scott  1st October 1799 at Little Dunkeld
Father John Scot
Mother Jean Peddle

1868 letter from margaret referes to jesse thomson living with her

1861 census
source ED: 7; Page

from1868 letter from annie thomson living with widowed mother

1871 census
source        ED: 7; Page: 6; Line: 7; Roll: CSSCT1871_60.
place         Aberfeldy Dull perthshire
dwelling      schedule 25 Tomtayewan 

Janet Thomson   head  60 housekeeper                      Dull
Ann   Thomson   dau   25  formerly laundress              Dull
John Nicholson gson      laundress son

1881 census
source          ED: 7; Page: 5; Line: 14; Roll: cssct1881_98.
Place               Aberfeldy   
Dwelling         schedule 18,  Tomtyewars Contenard 

Janet Thomson   head  70           Formerly General Servant        G.Dull
Ann Thomson     dau   35        general Servant                   G.Auchterader
John Nicholson  15  grandson    Apprentice grocer                 G.dull perthshire

1861 census
Source           RG 9; Piece: 2; Folio: 41; Page: 31;
Place            Paddington, London
Dwelling         Schedule 116, 10 Alexander St.

Charles Scott  Lodger 47    Independant                 Scotland

1871 census
Source          RG10; Piece: 14; Folio: 11; Page: 16; 

Charles Scott

From Margaret's Letter 1868
" Uncle Charles is in London his address is 275 Vauxhall Bridge Road, London."

census 1871
Source        RG11, Piece 667
Place         Streatham, London
Dwelling      Schedule 130, Harledean

Charles Scott  head 68      Retired General Merchant                   N.K.,    Scotland
Mary Rees      serv 51      General Servant                            Chesham, Herts

1841 census
Source               ED: 7; Page: 10; Line: 1330; 
place                Little Dunkeld
Dwelling             Scotstown            

John      Scott   45 Farmer
Christina Scott   25 
Ann       Scott   70 
Ann       Scott    2 
Jessie    Scott    7 Mo 
Margret   Scott   20 
Thomas  Stewart   45 
James  Robertson  15 
Margret Mcgregor  13 
Ann Scott aged 70 is probably John's mother from igi this suggest John Scott b. 29 march 1794 Litle Dunkeld mother Annie Stewart father James Scott possible marriage John Scott 27 may 1838 Little Dunkeld ann Kennedy

1851 census 
source            ED: 3; Page: 4; Line: 17; Roll: CSSCT1851_77;  
place             Aintully Kinclaven perthshire
Dwelling          schedule 22, Airntully 

John       Scott  head 58  farmer of 140 acres employing 6 labourers      Little dunkeld
Christina  Scott  wife 36                                                 Fortingale
Ann        Scott  dau  12                                                 Little Dunkeld
Jessie     Scott  dau  10                                                 Little Dunkeld
Christina  Scott  dau   8  scholar                                        Little Dunkeld
James      Scott  son   6                                                 Little Dunkeld
Daniel     Scott  son   4                                                 Little Dunkeld

Christina Anderson     22 farm servant
Ann       McLiesh      20 
John      Ewing        50 Traveller (of a compble Horse?)
James     Baxter       21 farm servant
Thomas    Stewart      52  visitor
Alexr    Cameron       16 Farm Servant      
Robert   Simpson       13   herd boy

1861 census
Source                     ED: 4; Page: 7; Line: 2; Roll: CSSCT1861_50.
Place                      Little Dunkeld
Dwelling                   Schedule 36, Scotstown Public House or Inn            

Janet      Macnab  head 67 occupier of 300 acres                    Dull
Christina  Scott   dau  46 occupier jointly with Brother            Fortingale
Ann        Scott   gdau 21                                          Little Dunkeld
James      Scott   gson  16                                         Little Dunkeld
Andrew     Shaw    serv  29 ploughman                               Inverness
Catherine  Dewar   serv  35  gen sewrvant                           Aberfeldy
James      Walker  serv  14  shepherd                               Crieff

1871 census
Source          ED: 7; Page: 3; Line: 8; Roll: CSSCT1871_65.
place           Little Dunkeld
Dwelling        Schedule 17,  Pittensorn

Christina Scott head 62   Fortingale

1881 census
Source: FHL Film 0203500     GRO Ref    Volume 324    EnumDist 4    Page 17
Place: Logierait, Perth, Scotland
Dwelling: Lucknow Villa Weem Road 

Christina   SCOTT head    W 67  Farmer            Fortingall, Perth, Scotland
Jessie      SCOTT dau     U 35  Teacher           Dunkeld, Perth, Scotland

Helen   FECHLEY serv      U 46  Gen Dom Servant      Blairgowrie, Perth, Scotland
Arthur MC FARLANE         U 21  Lodger   Bank Clerk       Jamaica

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