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of the
Personal Estate
Alexander Campbell

No.21 ........1857

At Perth on the
Fifteenth day of
August Eighteen
Hundred and Fifty

In pre:

Cranford Esquire Advocate Commissery of the Commisserate of the County of Perth. Compeared Alexander Scott Writer in Perth.
As Procurator for the Executrix afternamed and designed and gave in the Inventory of the pearsonal Estate of Alexander Campbell, Dundavie, Grandtuly (duly stamped with Fifteen pound Sterling of Duty) and oath thereon afterwritten desiring the same to be recored in the Commissary Court Books of Perthshire conform to Act of Paliament which desire the said Commiseray finding reasonable he ordained the same to be done accordingly the tenor whereof followed.

Vizt Inventory of the Personel Estate of Umquhile Alexander Campbell Daundavie Grandtuly who died apon the second day on November Eighteen hundred and fifty, with interest on the principle sums as at that date. Given up by Mrs Margaret Campbell or Scott Residing at Dundavie, Executrix Dative qua relict of the said defunct decearned by the Commisserary of Perthshire upon the first day of March Eighteen hundred and fifty one.

1st.... Cash in the house 9 ~ ~
2nd... Principle sum contained in
    Deposite reciept granted by the
    Central Bank of Scotland, Dated
    2nd of January 1850, ........60
    Interest thereon to 2nd Nov 1850 at
    2 per cent, 304 days ........1
61 ~ ~
3rd... Priciple sum in another deposit reciept
    granted by the said Agent dated 18th febuary
    Interest thereon to 2 Nov 1850
    257 days at 2 per cent     .........1:8:2
101 8 2
Carry Forward 171 8 2
page break
Carried Forward 171 8 2
4th... Priciple sum in another deposit reciept
    granted by the said Agent dated 24th Aug
    Interest thereon to 2 Nov 1850
    70 days at 2 per cent
10 ~ 9
5th... Priciple sum in deposit reciept
    granted by the Agent for the Commercial
    Bank of Scotland, dated 19th July
    Interest thereon to 2 Nov 1850
    106 days at 2 per cent 0:11:7
100 11 7
6th... Amount of Debt outstanding 9 ~ ~
7th... Amount of Houshold funiture
    Crop, Stock, Impliments of husbandry
    and other effects upon the farm of
    Dundavie at the time of the Defuncts
    decease valued by Duncan McGregor,
    Licenced Appraiser conform to the Inventory
    and Appraisment thereof subscribed by him.
173 16 6
Amount of the Inventory 464 17 ~
 Signed:   Margaret Campbell
                Hugh Barclay C.D. 
At Perth the fiftheenth day of August Eighteen Hundred and fifty one years
In the Presence of Hugh Barclay Esquire Commissary, Depute of Pethshire, Compeared the before designed Margaret Scott or Campbell, who being Solomnly sworn and examined Deposes:
That the said Alexander Campbell died at Dundavie upon the second day of november last, and the deponent has entered upon the possesion and managment of the deceased's personel Estate as Executrix Dative Qua Relict Declined by the Commissary of Perthshire upon the twent first day of March last. That the Deponent does not know of any Settlement or Writting relative to the Disposal of the deceased's personal Estate or Effects or any part of them.
That the forgoing Inventory Each page of which is described by the deponent and the said Commissary Depute as relative hereto is a full and true Iventory of All the Personal and Movable Estate and Effects of the said Deceased Alexander Campbell, Wheresoever situated already recoved or known to be existing, belonging or due to him Benifically at the time of his death and the said Estate situated in Scotland is of the value of Four Hundred And Sixty Pounds seventeen shillings and under the value of Six hundred pounda Stirling. All which is truth as the Desponent shall answer to God
    Signed:  Margaret Campbell
                     Hugh Barclay C.D.

St Mary's Grandtully A stone in memory of
Robert Campbell, Dundavie who died at Cultillich and his wife Elizabeth Robertson.
The dates undecipherable
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