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With only the 1841 census where he is age 50 which may have been rounded down it is not clear yet who Alexanders parents are, but given the tradition of naming the first boy after the grandfather, it should be a John
possible christenings in Dull around 1790 are:

C.06 mar 1787   Alexr,        Donald       Margt.   Deor
c.29 jan 1788   Alexander     Angus        Ann      McIntyre
c.16 jul 1788   Alexr.        Alexr.       May      Campbell
c.26 apr 1789   Alexander     John         Margt.   Walker
C.15 dec 1791   Alexr.        John         Ann      Thompson
C.20 sep 1795   Alexr.        Donald       Margt.   Dewar
c.29 dec 1795   Alexr,        John         Ann      Menzies

according to 1851 census,
Alexander's neighbour John who is possibly a brother born 1787/8
again his eldest boy was named john
from dull IGI

Some possible trees if they are brothers

               Alexr. Campbell      m.                   May Campbell
               c.                   |                     c.
 John         Alexander                       
 c.14feb1784  c.16jul1788

                                                      Duncan McIntyre m Christian McNaughton
                ==================                       ==============
                Angus Campbell          m.13jan1787       Ann McIntyre
                                        |                 c.10 jan 1768
 Alexander    John         Elspeth      Ispel        Christ.      Donald       Niel       
 c.29jan1788  c.17jan1790  c.06nov1791  c.14sep1794  c.21jul1796  c.08oct1798  c.28jan1802

                  Robert Campbell                           Alexander Menzies
                        m.                                        m.
                  Christian Menzies                         Isobell Cameron
                  ==================                        ==================
                  John Campbell           m.03apr1795       Ann Menzies
                  c.26dec1755 comiserny     |                c.30apr1772 dull
 Alexander    John         Finlay       Isabell      James        Donald        
 c.29dec1795  c.13dec1797  c.13jan1800  c.24may1802  c.20may1804  c.10aug1810
This last option fits with Alexander's 3rd son being called Robert
Possible brother living next door at Dundavie

at St Mary's Grandtully. Gravestone for John Campbell late farmer Dundavie
who died at Stanley 1878 in his 88th year and
his widow Catherine Stewart who died at Stanley 1889 in her 96th year.

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