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Ann Cameron married 23jan1853 Donald McKinnon son of Malcolm
in a Presbyterian Church in Sydney

Donald McKinnon's Origins

        Malcolm keith? McKinnon    
        b?23jul1805 Portree, Isle of Skye, Invernesshire      
        d? ~1852 Hunters River, Maitland, NSW               
        m1?06feb1821 .Bracadale Skye.............................m2?18mar1833 cousin of first
        |                                                        |                     wife
        |                                                        Sarah (Marion)
        Euphemia  dau of Malcolm Mcleod and Janet McLennan       ann   dau of Ann  Beaton
        McLeod                                                   McLeod    & Roderick
        b. b 27 July 1805 in Portree Skye                        b.~1810
        d. 1832 Skye                                             d.27aug1865 Oxley Island, 
        |                                                       br.Cundletown
|===========|===========|===========|===========|=======//       |
Mary        Donald      William     Flora       Neil             |
b.1822      b.1824      b.1825      b.1828      b.~1831          |
d.          d.1891      d.1886      d.1904      d.08jun1908      |
            |                                                    |
            m.23jan1853                                          |
            |         //==|============|============|============|============|=========||
            Anne          Roderick     Euphemia     Malcolm      Mary ann     John
            Cameron       |            |            |            beaton       |
            b.1833        b.1833       b.1836       b.1838       b.06nov1840  b.1843
            d.1891        d.1914       d.1903       d.           d.1934       d.1914

Malcolm McKinnon Snr.
Marion ann (sarah) Mclennan
Malcolm McKinnon senior Marion sarah ann McKinnon
Inverness Imigrants index:-
Malcolm McKinnon aged 35, Carpenter & Piper, from Sky,
Emigrated on Midlothian with Wife Marion aged 34 and 7 children.
Born Isle of Skye, a Carpenter, Presbyterian,
very good character, certified by
Donald Murray, Preacher of the Gospel - Isle of Skye'.

Extract from:- The Family of Malcolm McKinnon (1802 - 1852) by L.M. McKinnon
Malcolm McKinnon and his family were aboard the Midlothian, which sailed from the port of Uig, Snizort Bay, Isle of Skye, on August 8, 1837, bound for Australia.
There about 250 emigrants on board with their Church of Scotland minister, William McIntyre. This emigration had been organised by the Rev Dr John Dunmore Lang, and as an inducement to emigrate free grants of land were promised to every able-bodied adult and free passage to themselves and their families. As well as the Midlothian, 19 other ships came at this time as a result of the efforts of Dr Lang and his companions Henry Parkes and Mr Dalley. These 20 ships carried 5263 emigrants under the British government's Bounty Emigrant system. The Midlothian arrived in Sydney on 12th December 1837 after a quick trip of 102 days. But during the voyage 24 people died, 18 of them women and children, mainly due to dysentery and a fever that broke out five weeks into the voyage. The passengers disembarked on December 13th.

It has been commented concerning those who survived this trip: "they expressed much dissatisfaction with the treatment they received and the arrangements made for their settlement on arrival". (J.C. Robinson, The Free Presbyterian Church of Australia)

The New South Wales authorities were not greatly interested in the efforts of Dr J.D. Lang, and at the time the Midlothian berthed in Sydney, Dr Lang had fallen into disfavour. The result was that the immigrants were not to receive free land grants, and many of the builders and other tradesman had to take jobs on farms. Many of the Midlothian immigrants demanded to be settled as a community, and the government agreed to this provided a landholder could be found who would accept them as a group. The only landholder prepared to do this was Andrew Lang, brother of J.D. Lang, of the Paterson region in the Hunter Valley.
A large number of these immigrants formed a community named Dunmore, named after the Langs' mother, on the Hunter River.

Malcolm McKinnon and family were among a group from the Midlothian and other bounty ships that settled in the Maitland area. Some of these people later moved farther up the New South Wales north coast, and many of the second generation also moved in that direction.

On board the Midlothian was Malcolm McKinnon, his 2nd wife Anne (McLeod) who is listed in the ship's records as Marion, and four children of Malcolm's first wife, Euphemia (nee McLeod and cousin of Anne): Mary, 15, Donald, 13, William, 12, Flora, 9, and Neil, 6, and two children from the second marriage: Roderick, 4 and Euphemia, 2.

Malcolm was a builder and boat builder and worked at these occupations around Maitland for the remainder of his life. His family increased with the birth of Roderick, Euphemia, Mary Anne, Malcolm and John. Only John, the youngest, was to learn his father's trade.
The eldest, Donald, continued his schooling and then went to sea.

some time after Malcolm's death circa 1852 it appears some of the family moved to Taree, including his widow Sarah Ann, and children Malcolm, Mary ann beaton, John

The Maitland Murcury, 5th September 1865
At the residence of Mr. Wm. Allen, Oxley Island, Manning River, on Sunday, August 27th, Mrs. Sarah McKinnon, relict of the late Malcolm McKinnon, for many years a resident of the Hunter River.

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