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  Malcolm McKinnon  was born on 11 Mar 1853 at Dunmore, Paterson District, 
     Durham County, N.S.W., and was christened on 27 Mar 1853 at 
     Presbyterian Church, Hunter River, N.S.W., Australia.  
     Malcolm married 12th September 1887 to Catherine Emily Brewer daughter 
     of Henry A. Brewer and Fanny Hawke (1842-1918)  
     at Wingham Presbyterian Church, Taree, N.S.W. 
     And  the first few years of their married life was at Taree and then in 1865 
     they moved  to a farm at Glen Ora, where he farmed until his death. 
     Malcolm died on 18 May 1908 at Taree, N.S.W., aged 55.  
     and was buried on 19 May 1908 at Failford Cemetery, Failford, N.S.W.

         Ten CHILDREN

    1.  Catherine Ann McKinnon  born on 11 Jan 1888 at Taree, N.S.W.  
        She married Guilford Collins Reay Paterson, son of Henry Paterson and 
        Elizabeth Fyfe Guildford in 1914 at Taree, N.S.W.  
        Catherine  lived in May 1942 at Waterloo, near Krambach N.S.W.  
        She died on 8 Jan 1961 at Nabiac, N.S.W., Australia, aged 72.
            One Child
         a. Elizabeth fife (Bessie) Patterson was born on 14 Sep 1916 at Taree  
            She married 20 Feb 1937 to Keith Norman Cowan (1913-1988), 
            son of James Cowan  and Mary M Newell , 
            Elizabeth died on 6 Jun 1997 at Bundernoon, N.S.W., aged 80.

    2. Norman McKinnon born in 1889 at Taree, N.S.W.  
       He married Jean Lily McLeod in 1942 at Stroud.  
       They lived in May 1942 at Tipperary.
       Norman died on 18 Jul 1965 at Taree, N.S.W.  
       and was buried in Jul 1965 at Failford, Failford, Taree District, N.S.W.  
               Two children, 
               a. Marian Frances 
               b. Ann Myra.

    3.  Donald Henry McKinnon born in 1890 at Taree, N.S.W.  
        He lived in May 1942 at Nabiac, N.S.W., Australia.  
        He died on 28 May 1976 at Taree, N.S.W.  
        and was buried in Jun 1976 at Failford, N.S.W.

    4.  Malcolm McKinnon born in 1892 at Taree, N.S.W.  
        He lived in May 1942 at Drummoyne, N.S.W.
        Malcolm (1892-1975);  married Elsie Blows; 
             Two children, 
             a. Joan Catherine 
             b. Donald        (1927-1929)

    5.  Hugh McKinnon born in 1894 at Taree, N.S.W.  
        He began military service between 1914 and 1918 at Europe?  
        He lived in May 1942 at Ashford near Inverell, northern N.S.W.
        Hugh (1894-1952);  married Elizabeth McMurray;Frazer John    (1921), 
             b. Ronald Gordon  (1923-1980),
             c. Murray Hugh    (1928) 
             d. Jean Elizabeth (1932-1980)

    6.  Charles Cameron McKinnon born on 14 Mar 1896 at Taree, N.S.W.  
        He began military service in 1915 at , France, A.I.F.  
        Charles  married F Dorothy M Davis , daughter of Rock Davis and 
        Catherine Mary McMaster in 1923 at Gosford N.S.W.  
        They lived in May 1942 at Sydney, N.S.W.  
        Charles  died on 9 Jul 1980 at Bexley N.S.W. aged 84.

              Three children
          a)  Leslie Malcolm McKinnon born on 26 Oct 1924 at Taree, N.S.W.  
              He lived in 1999 at 62 Hume Rd, Cronulla NSW. married ? Wilkinson

          b)  Ian Cameron McKinnon born on 4 Sep 1927 at Taree, N.S.W.  
              He lived in 1998 at The Entrance, NSW. 

          c)  Charles Keith McKinnon born on 15 May 1929 at Nabiac, N.S.W., 
              He lived in 1999 at 23 Arthur St, Moss Vale, NSW 

 7.  Kenneth Clyde McKinnon born in 1898 at Taree, N.S.W.  
        He lived in May 1942 at Allawah, Queensland.
        Kenneth Clyde (1898-1977); married Gladys Holmes; 
              Three children, Neil, Malcolm and John.

    8.  Clara Elsie ('Sister Clair') McKinnon was born in 1900 at Copeland, N.S.W.  
        She lived in 1941 at New Guinea.  She lived in May 1942 at Sydney, N.S.W.  
        Clara married Andrew Muir Wardlaw in 1943 at Randwick, Sydney, N.S.W.  
        She died on 2 Mar 1984 at Long Jetty.
             no children,

    9.  Emily McKinnon born on 28 Jun 1903 at Glen Ora, Nabiac, N.S.W.  
        She died on 20 May 1992 at Nabiac, N.S.W., Australia, aged 88.

   10.  Alexander Neil McKinnon was born in 1907 at Taree, N.S.W.  
        He lived in May 1942 at Sydney, N.S.W.
        Alexander married Jean Davis; 
           Two children, 
           a. Ross Alexander (1944) 
           b. Malcolm Joseph.


Loving Memory of

Died MAY 18 1908
Aged 55 Years
At Rest

Died May 17 1942
Aged 74 Years

Malcolm McKinnon Grave

The Northern Champion, Taree, 4th August 1917
Mrs. Malcolm McKinnon of Glen Ora, received word on Wednesday that her son Hugh McKinnon. jnr. was wounded in France. She also received a letter from her son Malcolm to say that at last he had been granted furlough for four weeks, and was having a look through bonnie Scotland. He writes from Edinburgh. Her son Bombardier Charlie McKinnon is still in the thick of the fight, and going strong.

Five sons of Mr. George McKinnon. formerly of Wallamba are at the front. They are grandsons of the late John McKinnon one of the pioneers of the Wallamba. Clyde McCartney (whose mother was a Miss McKinnon, of Glen Ora) has been through the Gallipoli campaign and fighting In France. He was still unwounded when last heard from. He is a nephew ot Mr. Fred McCartney of Pampoolali.

The Wallamba lost a highly esteemed resident on Sunday week when Mrs. Catherine Emily McKinnon, relict of the late Malcolm McKinnon, passed away suddenly at her home at Nabiac. The late Mrs. McKinnon had beon a sufferer with arthritis for some years.
On Sunday evening she was having tea with her daughter when she suddenly collapsed, and passed away within a few minutes.

She was a daughter of the late Mr. and Mrs. Henry Brewer, and was born at Marlee 74 years ago. Fifty-five years ago she was married at the Wingham Presbyterian Church to Mr Malcolm McKinnon (a brother of the late Hugh McKinnnn who represented C Riding on the Manning Shire Council for a lengthy period).

The first few years of their married life were spent at Taree, and then they moved to a farm at Glen Ora, where her husband carried on farming operations until his death about 30 years ago. Mrs. McKinnon remained on the property for some years after her husband's death, and since then she has resided in the village of Nabiac.

The late Mrs. McKinnon was greatly respected by all who knew her. She possessed a very happy nature, and was always prepared to help others in timea of sickness or other misfortunes. During tho last war she was a very consistent worker for the Red Cross (three of her sons served in the 1914 18 war) and, despite her affliction, she has also been active in Red Cross work during the present conflict. Mrs. McKinnon was a faithful member of the Free Presbyterian Church, and throughout her life she held fast to tho tenets of Christian teaching.

She is survived by the following children:
Messrs Norman McKinnon (Tipperary), Donald McKinnon (Nabiac), Malcolm McKinnon (Drumoyne) Sgt. Hugh McKinnon (ashford, near Inverell), Charles McKinnon (Sydney), Kenneth McKinnon (Allawah, Qld.), Alex. McKinnon (Sydnoy), Mrs. fauildford . Paterson (Waterloo, near Krambach), Sister Clair McKinnon, Sydney and recently of New Guinea, and Miss Emily McKinnon (at home). The following brothers and sisters also survive her: Messrs. Silas and Harry Brewer (Wingham), Mrs W. Lyndon (West mead), Mrs. R. McLean (Newcastle), and Mrs. J. Gibson (Wahroonga). Two brothers, Messrs. George Brewer (Marlee) and Ernest Brewer, predecceased her.

At 11 a.m. on Tuesday, a service was conducted at the home, and then the cortege proceeded to the Failford cemetery, where the remains were laid to rest Rev. M. C. Ramsay conducted the services.

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