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Hugh McKinnon,
Born 10am 4th May 1855 at Dunmore, Hunter River N.S.W. Australia.
According to his obituary, (Northern Champion (Taree) 8 March 1930)
Hugh was a school teacher at age 18, then studied for the Ministry, but was for a decade a comission agent in Sussex St (Sydney?).
He was Member of the N.S.W. Parliament for Hastings Macleay for about three years.
In 18991 he became NSW parliamentary member for the Hastings and Manning electorate. First President of the Manning Shire Council; held the position for three years. Shire councillor for twenty-two years.
On returning to the Wallamba, Hugh took up land and conducted auction sales at intervals.
About 1908 he was elected to Manning Shire Council, which he served until his death.
He was the first Shire President.
He died on 6 Mar 1930 at Taree, N.S.W., aged 74.
and was buried at Failford Cemetery.

Northern Star, 24th August 1909
TAREE, Monday.
The election of a councillor to fill the vacancy caused by the resignation of Mr. Hugh McKinnon, took place on Saturday with the following result :
Hugh McKinnon, Glen Ora, re-elected, 256 votes;
Jas. G. Martin, Kimbriki, 163 ; John J. Gallagher, Krambach, 45 ; Andrew Adam, Tinonee, 48 .

Loving Memory of
ex M.L.A. and ShireCoucilor
Born at Dunmore 4. 5. 1855
Died at Taree 6 .3. 1930
Be Not Afrair but Speak "Acts xvii"
----{ + }----
Leave the World without a Tear
Save for friends I love so Dear

----{ + }----

RIP Hugh McKinnon

The Northern Champion, Saterday 8th March 1930
The whole of the district on the Central North Coast will mourn with the Wallamba over the passing of Mr. Hugh McKinnon of Glen Ora, Nabiac. Some six weeks ago he late Mr. McKinnon became ill, and after spending a week in the Nabiac hospital he was Move to the Mayo hospital, in Taree, on the advice of of Dr. McCredie, However, his illness was of such a nature that little hopes were entertained for his recovery, and he gradually became weaker until he eventually crossed the 'Great Divide' just after tea on Thursday last.

The late Mr. McKinnon was born at Dunmore on the Hunter river, 74 years ago. At the age of two years he was brought to the Manning by his late parents, Captain and Mrs. Donald Mcleod McKinnon, who settled down at Taree Estate. After living here for eight years deceased's father, in 1862, moved off for the Wallamba river, and selected a property which he named Glen Ora. The family followed three years later, the journey from Taree Estate being made by bullock wagon and taking three days over primitive tracks.

At the age of about 18 years the subject of this notice entered tho Education Department and was given charge of the Redbank school. At that time he was the youngest teacher in the State to preside over a school of that classification. He gained his first experience as a teacher on the Myall river, where he relieved the teacher in charge of that school (Mr. Moy). While at Redbank the late Mr. McKinnon did much to advance the school and he also rendered valuable assistance to the producers in the locality by helping them to market their produce.

Later he resigned from the teaching service and for a while he studied for the Ministry but eventually he established himself in Sussex street as a commission agent. This was nearly 40 years ago, and for nearly a decade he carried on a very successful business. It was while living in Sydney that he contested the old ~~~? member Hastings-Maclay electorate, and in conjunction with Mr. J. L. Ruthven he was returned to Parliament in the interests of protection, and he served the constituency for about three years. After giving up the agency business in Sydney the late Mr. McKinnon returned to the Wallamba where he took up some land and conducted auction sales at intervals.

About 22 years ago he was elected to the Manning shire council, and for that lengthy period he represented C. Biding. He was the first president of the shire and in the 22 years that fol- lowed he was a diligent worker for his district. He had a wonderful grip of Loca Government affairs, and his knowledge of the various Acts concern ing land matters proved to be of special value to the district which he re- presented. Although small in stature, He was full of vitality and a fighting spirit which made him the grandest champion that the Wallamba district has ever had. On any matter which concerned. his beloved Wallamba he was a trenchant advocate and a caustic critic of those who sought to do less than justice. In other public avenues, he rendered great service to his fellow citizens.

During the war his intensely loyal nature found an outlet in an unceasing and untiring effort to do everything possible for the boys who volunteered from his district. No patriotic; function was complete without his attendance, and many were the fervent speeches which he made. He kept up a corrcspondenco with many a soldier on the other side, and was one of the first to give the re- turning warriors a glad welcome home. For a long period he was a supporter of the Wallamba show, and his demise on Thursday evening cast quite a gloom over the second day of the exhibition on Friday. The council flag was half mast at Taree on Friday.

The late Mr. McKinnon was one of the kindest and most helpful men that it would be possible to meet, and he took a particularly keen interest in the young folk. His anxiety to help on and intellectually improve the young people. is demonstrated by the fact that when he was younger himself he was instrumental in forming educational and debating clubs in almost every centre in which he resided. Deceased had a wonderful knowledge of the conditions which existed on the Wallamba during the pioneering days, and he was always sympathetic towards those who went away from the settled areas to open up new country.

In his private life he was always ready to offer the benefit of his seasoned advice and in cases of financial hardship he was not above dipping a hand deep in to his own' pocket to give relief. By his death the Wallamba and the adjoining districts, have lost one of the most public spirited and unselfish men that they have ever had, and it is safe to say that the memory of warmhearted Hugh McKinnon will remain, green in the minds of those who still have a long step to take along the pathway of life.

It will be the wish of hundreds of friends that his spirit may find ever lasting peace, and that his surviving brother and sisters will find consolation in the cherished memories of a really splendid brother.
The only surviving brother is Mr. Charles McKinnon (of Sydney), Brothers who predeceased him were Donald and Malcol. The sisters are Mrs. Henry Miles (Forster), Mrs. E. McMaster (Glen Ora. Misses Flora, Harriett and Jean (all of Glen Ora). The late Mrs. McCartney, of Sydney, was another sister.

The funeral is to cross the 10.30 a.m. punt at Taree to-day (Saturday) and proceed to the Failford cemetery, where the last service will be conducted at noon by Rev. N. McLeod, assisted by Rev. J. W. McCredie.
The funeral arrangements are in the hands of Mr. W. T. Howard.

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