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Anne McKinnon was born on 12 Feb 1868? 1867? at Wollamba River, 
  Port Stephens District, N.S.W., Australia.
  Anne married on 12 Aug 1902 at Taree, N.S.W. to 
  Henry ('Harry') Miles son of Henry Miles  and Elizabeth (?Mary) Miles,
  he died 1944,
  they lived in Nov 1935 and  Jul 1948 at Forster, N.S.W. 
  Anne died on 25 Mar 1952 at 'Weipa', Forster, N.S.W., aged 84.
  and was buried in Mar 1952 at Failford, Failford, N.S.W.
          SILVER WEDDINGS, Sydney Morning Herald, 12 august 1927
        Miles - McKINNON - August 12 1902, at Glen Ora, by the Rev S. P Stewart. 
        Henry (harry),youngest son of Henry Miles, Forster, to Annie, third daughter 
        of the late Donald Mckinnon, Glen Ora. present address, Forster.
  Four Children of Anne & Harry

Dungog Chronicle, 5th September 1944
In our last issue we briefly recorded the sudden death on Tuesday morning at 8, of Mr. Henry Miles, of Forster, certainly the most prominent and possibly the oldest resident of that village. In good health on Saturday, he recorded his vote, and was in good health up till Monday. He had a heart seizure the following morning and he died suddenly at his home. Deceased was the youngest son of the late Henry and Elizabeth Miles, who migrated from England to Australia in 1850. He was born on July 17, 1862, at Booral.

At the age of eight he came to Forster with his parents and the remainder of the family. He at tended the local school, under tuition of the late Mr. Underwood, until at the age of 14 years he assisted his father in the building trade in the district. He became interested in ship building and served his apprenticeship with the late Mr. White, who had setup a shipbuilding yard on the site later held by deceased. Several years were then spent in Beattie's ship yards, Balmain, Sydney, until he, accompanied by the late John Brecken ridge, proceeded to New Zealand in 1898 to gain knowledge of the construction of various modern types of ships of that time.

With this knowledge well implanted, he returned to Forster and acquired the business of the late Mr. White, which he reconstructed to his own plans. Ketches and schooners soon graced the waters and proceeded to trade along the New South Wales coast for the partnership set up between the three brothers (Messrs. Josiah, Thomas and Henry Miles), transporting valuable timbers from the district to the ready markets in Sydney and Newcastle. Continuing in his shipbuilding activities, he successfully constructed craft for various shipbuilding firms. Building activities around the district further occupied him, many of which are still standing.

In 1902 he married Miss Annie MacKinnon, of 'Glen Ora,' Nabiac, and continued to reside in Forster, in 1905 building the home, 'Weipa,' which has remained his residence ever since. In 1906 the partnership of T. and H. Miles was formed for the purpose of operating coastal tugs at various North Coast ports. On the death of Thomas Miles, the business was continued in the name of H. Miles and Sons, the sons (Henry, Donald and Malcolm) completing the partnership. For a time, due to the industrial situation, the building activities were suspended, but Mr. Miles. never lost interest and seemed to assume a new lease of life in 1938, when he undertook the construction of a new tug, his efforts being rewarded by the title 'Henry Miles', being given to a most worthy craft, his planning and supervision being faithfully applied by many of his old employees.

His public activities began in his early life, and, except for the deterrent of age, were always a foremost consideration right to the time of his death. All worthy public, patriotic, and religious functions and institu tions received his most loyal support, his record as hon. treasurer for 50 consecutive years of the Cape Hawke Regatta Club being an outstanding achievement.

His home was always an 'open house' and many thousands of visitors to Forster were indebted to his hospitality. His motor launch, 'Taronga,' was the means of many happy outings, for he loved to show visitors to the district the many beautiful resorts for which Wallis Lake and surroundings have become so famous in recent years. He and the late Robert Breckenridge did very much with their hospitable and much appreciated launch trips to broadcast the beauties and attractions of this very fine resort, thus laying the foundation of the great popularity which it enjoys to-day. He was a gentleman whom it was always a privilege and pleasure to converse with for he was as unostentatious as he was warm hearted. He also had a very complete knowledge of the early days of the district. One by one the great community builders of the early days are passing on, but their good works will live on as an inspiration for the present and coming generations.

The late Mr. Miles was predeceased by the following sisters and brothers: Mary (Mrs. John Breckenridge), Elizabeth (Mrs. T. Dun), Josiah, Tho mas and James. He is survived by his widow and daughter Annie (Mrs. C. W. Lean, of Dungog), and sons Henry (at home), Donald (A.I.F.), and Mal colm William (of Merchant Navy), and eight grandchildren. All the family were able to be present at the interment.

A service was conducted by the Rev. M. C. Ramsay, M.A., at 'Weipa,' at which many relatives and friends gathered. A long cortege proceeded to the Presbyterian portion of the Forster cemetery, where the graveside service was conducted by Rev. Ram say, assisted by Rev. R. C. Pereira, followed by a Masonic service. The pallbearers at the house were the three sons and son-in-law (Mr. Cliff Lean), whilst at the graveside the duties were performed by Messrs. J. W. Breckenridge, Jnr., T. M. Breckenridge, W. Mann, and W. B. Piper, the two former being nephews and the latter being former employees of the deceased.
'M.R. Times.'

The Northern Champion, 30th August 1944
In a previous issue we made mention of the sudden death of Mr. Henry Miles, senior, at his Forster home on Tuesday, 22ndn instant, following a heart seizure. In his demise the district has lost one of its foremost residents who did so much for the promotion and prosperity of this part of the State in the early days.

The work of the pioneer is always arduous, especially when it has to be done in places remote from the best of living conditions, and with transport vastly different to what prevails to day.

Born at Booral 0n July 17th, 1862 the deceased was the youngest son of the late Mr. and Mrs. Henry Miles, who emigrated to Australia in 1850 with his parents he came to Forster when eight years of age. He served his apprentice ship to the ship building trade with Mr. White, who had yards on the site later used by the deceased for the same purpose.

For some years he was employed at Beattie's shipyards at Balmain, and after gaining further experience in New Zealand, he returned to Foster and took over Mr White's business, and for many years was instrumental in having various classes of watercrnft constructed for coastal work.

Later on in life he took over the business with his sons of operating different towing services on the coast. Amongst the fleet built for this purpose was the 'Henry Miles,' constructed about six years ago.
Deceased was associated with all public activities over many years in Forster, taking a prominent part in the Forster School of Arts, the Cape Hawke Regatta Club and the Manchester Unity Order of Oddfellows.
,br> He was self-denying in his personal habits and indefatigably diligent in many forms of activity, and all patriotic and religious appeals always found him a willing supporter. Lives, like his, are indeed worthy : of emulation by the younger generation.

He is survived by a widow (nee Miss Annie McKiniion, of "Glen Ora", Nabiac), and the following children:
Mrs. C. Lean, of Fosterton, Dungog; Mr. Henry Miles, Forster; Mr. Don Miles (AIF)
and Mr. Malcolm William Miles (Merchant Navy); and eight grandchildren.

The following brothers and sisters predeceased him:
Josiah, Thomas and James, Mrs John Breckenridge and Mrs. T. Dun.

The funeral took place on Wednesday afternoon, 23rd instant, the interment being made in the Presbyterian section of the Forster cemetery, after a service held in the deceased's home by the Rev. M. C. Ramsay, MA, who also officiated at the graveside, assisted by the Rev. R. C. Pereira.

The deceased was a very old member of the 'Masonic Order' and several of the district brethren attended the service held at the last resting place of the deceased.
Mr. W. T. Howard was the undertaker.
- Our Forster correspondent.

Dungog Chronicle, 2nd April 1952
Many friends throughout the Wallamba and surrounding districts will regret to learn of the death of Mrs. Henry Miles, which occurred at her home in Forster, on Tuesday night.

The late Mrs. Miles, prior to marriage, was Miss Annie McKinnon, of Glen-Ora, a member of one of the oldest and highly esteemed pioneer families of the Wallamba district. Mrs. Miles was 85 years of age.

On her marriage to Mr. Henry Miles (also a member of a highly esteemed pioneer family), they resided at Forster for the rest of their lives and were held in high regard by a wide circle of friends. Mr. Miles predeceased this wife seven and a half years ago.

Three sons, Harry, Donald and Malcolm survive their mother, also a daughter Mrs. Cliff Lean, of Dungog). The surviving sister of Mrs. Miles is Mrs. E. H. S. McMaster, of Glen-Ora. -
"M.R. Times."

In Memory of
born Booral 17th July 1862
Beloved ##########
#### died
And his beloved wife
Born Glen Ora 12th Feb 1867
Died ###########
rip Miles

Children of Annie McKinnon and Henry (harry) Miles

  1.Anne Rose Nancy Miles was born in 1903 at Taree, N.S.W.  
      She married on 22 feb 1929 to William C Lean of "Croom Park" Forster.
      Anne rose lived in 1944 at Fosterton, Dungog, N.S.W.  
      She died in 1984.
         Four children
         Annie  miles   Lean  born  18 Mar 1930 Dungog died 1999+ married? (McDowell)
         William miles  Lean  born  17 Jan 1933 "Figtree" Dungog  died  16 Dec 2004 Dungong
         Alice Naomi    Lean  born  25 Oct 1935           Dungog  died  27 Oct 2013
         Clifford Henry Lean  born  11 May 1938           Dungog  died  28 Jan 1995 Tamworth 

Dungog Chronicle, 19th March 1929
LEAN - MILES. A very pretty wedding was celebrated at Forster on Saturday afternoon, 20th February, when Miss Nancy Miles, of 'Welpa,' and Mr. Cliff Loan, of 'Fig Tree,' Dungog, were united in the holy bonds of matrimony in the Methodist Church, the officiating clergyman being Rev. S. P. Stewart, who remarked that he had a special interest in the bride, as he had previously baptised her and had also married her parents. She certainly did look sweet as she entered the crowded church on the arm of her father, Mr. Henry Miles. She wore a white silver-embroidered tulle dress, early Victorian , with the custom ary wreath and veil, and carrying a most beautiful shower bouquet. All the bouquets were Gifts from the bridegroom.

The bridesmaids were Miss Emilie McKinnon, in apricot georgette and silk lace with shower bouquet, of mauve asters, and Miss Jenn Iean, In lettuce green georgette and pale pink shower bouquet, The groomsmen were Mr. W. Dowling, of Dungog, and Mr. Mr. Miles, brother of the bride. The bride's mother wore navy blue beaded georgette and carried a bouquet of mauve asters. The bridegroom's mother wore a beige smocked silk dress and black lace coat, and carried a heliotrope posy of asters of tulle.

The church was beautifully decorated by the local lady friends of the bride, beautiful flowers, pot plants, carpets, arched, etc. being used. The "Voice that Breathed O'er Eden" was sung by the choir and congregation as the bride entered the church, Mrs. Fred. Williams officiating at the organ, and later playing the 'Wedding March' us the party left the church.

Whilst the register was being signed, Mrs. Williams sang 'Because.' Afternoon tea was served at 'Welpa' where about one hundred guests were entertained. The happy couplo left at C.IiO to catch the Sydney bound train at Tareo. They proceed ed to Tasmania to spend the honey moon. A most beautiful display of wedding presents marked the good will of the bride's friends, a similar number from the bridegroom's friends awaiting them at Dungog. Forster's bunting was gaily displayed, giving the little seaport town quite a gay appearance. Everything was done to mark the towns people's appreciation of the sweet little girl who had grown up in their midst, and also of her hospitable and highly-esteemed parents.

The bride was entertained at several ovenings and dinner parties prior to her marriage, and presentations were made from the Sunday school for which she was a teacher), and from her local friends. Nancy's pleasant smile and friendly groeting will be missed In our little town, and I feel sure that all the residents Join, in wishing Mr. and Mrs. Cliff Lean, of 'Croom, Park,' every happiness and prosperity in their new sphere of life. ,

2.  Henry ('Harry') Miles  was born on 22 Nov 1905 at Taree, N.S.W.  
        He lived in 1944 at Forster, N.S.W.  
        Harry died on 4 May 1993 at Tuncurry, N.S.W., Australia, aged 87.

  3.  Donald Miles was born on 27 Nov 1907 at Taree, N.S.W.
        (began military service 1944 at least at World War Two
         AIF.  Reference: 1639.  

  4.  Malcolm William ('Bill') Miles was born on 15 Apr 1910 at Taree, N.S.W.  
        He married Catherine Jen Christine Weller  in 1943 at Taree, N.S.W.

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