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Margaret cameron m.26th march 1862 to William Henry Burgess

Daily Southern Cross, 28th March 1862
At Parnell, by the Rev. David Bruce,
William Henry Burgess, North Shore, Auckland to Margaret Cameron, sixth daughter of the late Ewen Cameron, Wellington

Marriage took place at the home of Maria Cameron, Parnell Auckland,
Witnesses were Sarah and Duncan Campbell.

New Zealand Herald, 12th November 1866
On the 10th inst, at North Shore, the wife
of Mr. W.H. Burgess, Assistant pilot, of a son

Alice  maria   Burgess 1863  d.1954 aged 91    m.1895  Charles frederick Taine d.1949 age 87
Clara margaret Burgess 1865  d.1950 aged 84    m 1890 Henry dugald McKellar d.1937 aged 73
William Isacc  Burgess 1866
Flora cameron  Burgess 1868                    m 1905 George william Phillips
James william  Burgess 1870  d.1852 aged 82    m.1904 Bertha lucie Barlow 
Maud jane      Burgess 1871
Herbert donald Burgess 1876                                died 1966 age 89

Helen note;-
Margaret and William moved to Lawrence otago in 1862.
Otago Witness  19th April 1862
Electorial Rolls
Bruce, Otago
William Burgess, Gabriels Gully, miner, Rights dated 31 mar 1862, John Graham house holder.

by 1866 they were back in Auckland

1870 Waitemata Auckland
William henry Burgess, Devonport, Mariner

1880 Waitemata Auckland
William henry Burgess, Devonport, Pilot

1890 Waitemata Auckland
William henry Burgess, Devonport, Mariner

1896 Eden Auckland
William henry Burgess, Devonport, Mariner, residential

1900 Eden Auckland
William henry Burgess, Devonport, mariner

1906 Waitamata, Auckland
William henry Burgess, Devonport, Mariner

Auckland Star, 1th June 1891.
Capt. Burgess, Harbourmaster,
who met with a painful accident through a fall on a vessel in the harbour the other day, is still confined to his residence at the North Shore, and is progressing fairly well, considering the severe bruising and shaking he received.

Press Association Telegram, 31st January 1894
A Special Committee of the Auckland Harbour Board recommend that the services of Captain Burgess, Chief Harbourmaster, be dispensed with, and that his duties and those of wharfinger be performed by Captain Duder at 300 per annum. Several smaller increases, leaving a saving of 200 per annum, are recommended. The Board adopted the report of the Committee retrenching the official expenditure by 200.
Captain Burgess' services as Harbourmaster will be dispensed with at the end of the year and the Deputy Harbourmaster, Captain Duder, will perform the duties of both offices.

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