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Alexander Alison Origins

Alexander Alison 
born Jan 30 1810 Inverness - 
Died June 28 1887 Devonport

Alexanders Father William 
born 1782 Bogallen, Parish of Knockbain, Ross - 
Died  21st Feb  1863 Codwells Farm Knockbain

Mother Elizabeth McIntosh 
born 1798 Scotland

source My Heritage trees
Alexander Alison arrived Nelson NZ circa 1850
possibly also with his brother John
voter list Waikato, Auckland 1881 John Alison, freehold, Symonds St. Auckland, Settler, Lots 14,15,16,section 1 and 4,5,18,19,section 2 Wynyardtown, Coromandel.
Memory of
Of Inverness Scotland?
who died May 12 1883
Aged 52 Years
xx my xxxx's mother?
Ann Mary Macinnon?


Auckland Star,   14th May !883
AN inquest was held on Saturday at Gleeson's Hotel, before Dr. Philson, coroner, and a jury, on the body of John Alison, of the North Shore, which was discovered floating near St. Barnabas Point on that mornihg.
Mr.R. T. Graham was chosen foreman, Sergeant Martin represented the police. The following is a summary of the evidence taken :
— William Webber, labourer, of Parnell, deposed that at 7 o'clock he was passing along the beach when he saw a body, which proved to be that, of deceased, in about two feet of Water. He brought it ashore, and informed sergeant Jackson of the circumstance.
— Sergeant Martin gave evidence, he went to the spot indicated by the last witness and found the body. It was quite fresh, aud could only have been in the water a few hours. There were some scratches on the face and head, besides a skin wound over the riht eye, apparently caused by a fall or knocking against the rocks but no marks of dangerous injuries.
The cause of death was drowning.
— Mm. G. Tye, master of one of the Devonport ferry stenmers, deposed to knowing deceased for two year, saw him on the previous evening at 8 30. in the waiting room of the North Shore Ferry Tec. Could I not say. whether he was drunk or sober, It was dark at the time. He was not sufficiently acquainted with him to say. Deceased afterwards went on board the Takapuna, but came off her again, and went away along the wharf for town.
That was the List witness saw of him alive.
—Ewen W. Alison, butcher, of Devonpoft, identified the body as that of his uncle, John Alison, who was a saw doctor at Luniuan't sawmills, Nugunguru. At the time of deceased death, he was living at Devonport at his brother's house. He was about 50 years of age.
- His uncle was a steady man, and was perfectly sober on Friday, when witness last saw him. He said he was going across to Auckland to get some, money. This being the evidance, The jury had no doubt but that decsused lost his life by drowning, although the evidence did not disclose particulars.
Vetdict : "Found Drowned.

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