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Ivy jane Alison 6th and youngest child of Mary ann Colman and Ewen william Alison

   Ivy jane 
   b.19feb1887  Takapuna, North shore Auckland
   d.15sep1979  Kings Sutton, Banbury, Oxfordshire UK, aged 92
   m.29jul1911  Sep.1913....Div.1920....P.1920
   |  Woolahra, Sydney, Au.             |
   |                                    | 
   Norman william                       Captain
   lynedock                             Andrew 
   Mair                                 Collyer  
   b.13sep1876   Waipa                  b.01jun1866 Croydon
   d.07feb1954 Auckland aged 77         d.22jan1928 East Preston, Sussex  uk
   |                                    |
   Jane (Billie)                        Averil 
   cathcart mary                        may
   Mair                                 Collyer   
   b.17oct1911   au                     b.20apr1920 Bristol UK, adopted by Collyer relations
   c.05dec1911                          |
   d.28nov2005  Oxford (1k)  age 95     d.nov2005   Kent  aged 85
   |                                    |
   m.decqt1940 uk                       m1.decqt1939 ....m2.sepqt1951 ....p.
   | Camelford, Cornwall                | west anglesey  |  Kensington    | 
   Kenneth                              Edward           Arthur           ?
   bernard avenel-                      J. E.            J.               ?
   Evans                                Powell           Harrison         ? 
   b.08jun1917   India                  b.               b.               |
   d.2005 Oxford (1j)  aged 85          d.               d.               |
   |                                    |                **********       |
   |================                    |=============                    |==========
   Sarah (sally)                        Ann                               daughter 
   jane                                 M.                                |       
   b.28nov1941                          b.sepqt1943 Bromley               
   d?31dec2010 Northampton              d.junqt1968 Lambeth               
   |   aged69                           ***********
   m.sepqt1963 Chelsea
   Anthony K

Ivy married 29th July 1911, Woolahra, NSW, Au, to Norman W.L. Mair.
Daughter Jane Cathcart Mary born 17th October 1911
Christened 5th December 1911 St. Stevens Church, Newtown, Sydney.

sheet 2a
From Norman Mair's WW1 service file:- marriage and birth details
Mair WW1 service record

Why did Ivy and Norman married in Australia , it certainly wasnt a secret

Auckland Star,   7th August 1911
On July 29th 1911, at Sydney, N.S.W., by the Rev. W. J.Greer. Norman. W. Mair. second son of Major Mair. Takapuna. to Ivy Alison, youngest daughter of W W. Alison, Esq. "Lochaber," Takapuna.

Sydney Morning Herald,   Thursday 7th December 1911, Page 10
Clearances, December 6th,
WIMMERA s 3022 Tons, Captain William Waller for Auckland and other New Zealand ports.
Passengers: Mr. & Mrs Mair , ............

Auckland Star,   9th september 1913
A charge of falling to provide adequate maintenance for his wife and child was preferred against Norman Mair. the complainant being E. W. Alison, defendant's father-in-law.
Mr T. Cotter appeared for complainant, and Mr Denniston for defendaat Asked if he had any offer to make, defendant said that the only offer he could make at the present time was 25/ a week.
He was examined as to his means. He said his father had died in July last year intestate, and there had been no means of getting a squaring up respecting a farm he had been working.
He was not in a position to increase the offer be had made.
Mr Cotter cross-examined at considerable length with a view to showing that defendant had interests in certain properties.
Police Court, 10th September 1913
In the maintenance case Alison v. Mair,
His Worship made an order against defendant of 25/ a week for three months, and 40/ a week thereafter,
And.assesed back maintenance at £20.

Was it with her alimony funds Ivy decided visit England?
1914 17th October Ivy departs London UK on SS Malwa bound for Sydney

sheet 2b

Auckland Star,   14th April 1917
Social Jottings
Mr. and Mrs. E. W. Alison, accompanied by Mrs. Mair, are staying at the Ventnet , Devonport.

New Zealand Herald,   7th February 1919
HAMILTON, Thursday [6 February 1919]
Petition for a divorce from her husband, Norman W. L Mair, was made by Ivy June Mair (Mr. Stanton), in the Supreme Court, before Mr. Justice Cooper to-day.
Evidence was given in support of the petition that Mair left his wife and wrote stating that he would not return, and suggesting a separation. For a time respondent did not contribute towards his wife's support, but he did so when a maintenance order was made. The Judge said it had evidently been a very unhappy marriage. The wife was entitled to her husband's company, but he had refused to give it. There had been constructive desertion, and the petitioner was entitled to a divorce.
A decree nisi was granted, petitioner being granted interim custody of the child. The decree nisi is to be moved absolute in three months.

The following are the criminal and civil lists for the March sittings of the Supreme Court at Hamilton.
...Motion for decree absolute Ivy Jane Mair (Mr Stanton) v. Norman W.L. Mair, motion for decree absolute, and petition for alimony

Waikato Times,   21st June 1919
Supreme Court, before his honor Mr. Justice Cooper
The divorce case. Ivy Jane Mair (MiBell) v. Norman W. L. Mair, motion for decree absolute and custody of child, was adjourned, owing to the illness of respondent.

In August 1919 Ivy set of for a trip to UK, no doubt having expected her divorce to have already been finalised;
Waikato Times 27 February 1920, In Divorce, Before Judge alone. Ivy Jane Mair (Mr. Stanton) v. Norman W. L. Mair, motion for decree absolute, and petition for Alimony.

On 27th October Ivy arrived London on the SS Malta Captained By Andrew Collyer, having embarked in Melbourne Australia, 29 August 1919
The ship Niagara arrived in Auckland from Sydney on Monday 1 September 1919,
having left Sydney the previous Thursday 28 August.
On board was Mr E W Alison jr. (New Zealand Herald, 3 September 1919 p.5).
Had he just taken his sister to Sydney to catch the ship to London?
During the trip to England Ivy apparently had an affair with Captain Collyer and as a result fell pregnant, her daughter Averil was born in Clifton, Bristol 22 April 1920, Possibly Ivy was on route back to NZ via Bristol, but Averil arrived Prematurly whilst Ivy was awaiting passage home.
In the chaos of this premature arrival Averil's birth was not registered.
where Ivy and Averil lived during the following year is not know.

Auckland star 18th March 1921, Mr. and Mrs. E. W. Alison left by the Maheno for Sydney en route for England, where they propose staying for some months. It may only have been with pressure from her parents after their arrival in UK that Captain Collyer was named as father and the child finally registered on 6th July 1921 in Bristol.

It was arranged that Captain Collyer's elder sister Marion should adopt the child however as an artist she lead a somewhat bohemian life and it seeems her husband's lover Sylvia , who was much younger, took on much of the task of raising Averil.

sheet 2c

New Zealand Herald,   16th July 1921
New Zealanders at Home, News of Aucklanders
A recent arrival from the Dominion is the Hon. E. W. Alison, M.L.C. With Mrs. Alison and his daughter, Mrs. Mair, Mr. Alison will go north to Scotland, thence to Wales, and later to France, Belgium, and possibly to Switzerland and Italy. Altogether about three months will be spent in the Mother Country and three months on the Continent, and the return journey to New Zealand will be begun about the end of November.
Auckland Star,   20th July 1921
WOMEN'S WORLD, Social Jottings
Visitors to Portman Hotel - Oxford Street, writes our London correspondent on June 2nd, are the Hon. E. V. Alison, M.L.0., and Mrs. Alison, and their daughter, Mrs. N. Mair.
During his visit it is expected that Mr. Alison will run his eye over a few English, horses, with a view to their suitability for the Dominion.
The Press,   30th November 1921
London, October 19th
The Following New Zealanders are amongst the passengers on the OSTERLEY, which left Tilbury for Sydney on the 15th Inst. :- The Hon.E.W. Alison 59,and Mrs Alison 67, Mrs Mair 30
last uk address; Portman Hotel, Portman Sq. London W.
( 17 nov 1921 Freemantle, SS Osterly; Mrs I J Mair destination Locharber, lake Takapuna, Auckland NE )

New Zealand Herald,   5th December 1921
The Hon. E. W. Alison MLC . accompanied by Mrs. Alison and their daughter, returned by the Maheno yesterday from a tour of Britain and the Continent, extending over eight months. While in Britain he met his son Mr. E. W. Alison, jun. and his wife who are now on their way to Australia, "en route" for Auckland.
Auckland Star,   5th December 1921
From the day they left until the day they got back to Auckland, the Hon. E.. W. Alison, M.L.C., Mrs Alison, and their daughter enjoyed wonderful weather. With the exception of one wet day in Glasgow, the party enjoyed nine months of perfect weather in England, Scotland (with the exception of Glasgow's lapse)., Wales, France, and other parts of the Continent which were visited.
Mr. Alison was in England during the drought, when the English people would have welcomed a little rain, and he says he felt hotter in London than ever he has felt in Auckland, even in February. The fine weather seemed to follow the party wherever they went, and it was just the same on the water. Even the notorious Australian Bight, and the usually roaring Bay o' Biscay were as polite as Lake Ta'kapuna on a windless day in mid-summer, and gambling on his luck Mr. Alison gained scume notoriety on the Maheno by prophecying a smooth water run, even though the officers looked dubious and spoke about a bit of a blow when asked by slightly nervous passengers as to the prospects.
Mr. Alison says people at Home were more than kind and simply overwhelmed the New Zealanders with hospitality. A long round of visits and entertainments culminated in a command to a garden party at Buckingham Palace. Speaking about conditions at Home, Mr. Alison said one of the most noticeable things was the continual interruptions to work, and the apathy of the British workers. On the Continent the contrast to this listlessnees was most marked. He found the Continental workers "hard at it. In France everyone seemed to be at work straightening out things after the terrible war.

sheet 2d

1938: Ivy visits UK to see her daughter Billie who moved to London in june 1937.
S.S. Port Wyndham,   25th August 1938
Passengers disembarked London
Mrs. I.J.Mair, aged 46, C/o Bank New Zealand, Queen Victoria Street, London.

New Zealand Herald,   29th October 1938
Social News,
Mrs. I.J. Mair, of Takapuna, who is a present visiting England, recently went by Air to Paris with her daughter, Miss Billie Mair.

Auckland Star,   4th April 1939
In and Out of Town
Mrs. I. J. Mair, of Takapuna, returned in the Mariposa yesterday after a trip to England and the Continent. In England she Visited her daughter, Miss Billie Mair.

1950 Trip to UK to visit her daughter Billie.
SHIPPING:- S.S. Port Auckland (Port Line ltd), Departed Auckland,NZ
Arrived: Bristol, Avonmouth UK 27th April 1950
Ivy Jane Mair, Housewife, age 59, 1st Class; Destination - 35 Cornwall Gardens, London SW7
Ivy returned to NZ on S.S. Port Victor, via Sydney, departed london 29th September 1950.

Ivy's father lived at 31 Kitchener Rd.

Some time after 1978 Ivy moved/visited UK
Ivy jane Mair died sepqt1979 Banbury, Oxfordshire aged 92
Her probate shows she live just 5 miles away from her daughter Billie

Mair, Ivy Jane of Walton Grounds House,
Kings Sutton, Banbury, Oxon, died 15 september 1979
Probate Oxford 21st November.
Effects; £10,774

sheet 3a

Norman william Lyndock Mair Origins

     William Gilbert
     b.20nov1832 Bay of Islands, NZ
     m.15may1872 Waikato
     Jane (Janie) cathcart
     d.14nov1918  Auckland
     Florence ( Florrie)     Harold (Harry)        Norman 
     agneta                  marmaduke             william
     alexandra               gilbert               Lynedock       
     b.16may1873             b.~1875               b.13sep1876
     d.1955                  d.24sep1916           d.07feb1954
                                aged 41

William Gilbert Mair, (20 November 1832 – 8 July 1912), was a soldier, resident magistrate, and judge of the Native Land Court in early New Zealand.

Born at the Bay of Islands, he was the son of one of the earliest European settlers, trader Gilbert Mair. He married Jane Cathcart Black at Auckland on 15 May 1872.
Thmaes Gardian, 21st May 1872
Mair—BLACK; —On May 15, at St. Saviour’s Church, by the Rev. L 0. Brady, William Gilbert Mair, N.Z. Civil Service, to Jane Cathcart, eldest daughter of Alexander Black, Esq., of Armidale, New South Wales,
At the outbreak of the Waikato War he joined the Colonial Defence Force, and took part in the fighting round Pukekohe and Rangiriri. He later reached the rank of Major in the New Zealand Militia, and took part in campaigns against the Hauhau and Te Kooti

In 1869 he was a member of the expedition lead by Colonel George Whitmore into Te Urewera, by way of Fort Galatea and the Ahikareru Valley.


Norman died 7th February 1954
Buried : O'Niell's Point Cemetery row B plot 169
Normans Brother harry died 1916

Auckland Star,   25th September 1916
Mair, On 24th September, 1916, at his sister's residence. Mrs H. L. Brett, Brett Avenue, Tatapuna,
Harold (Harry) dearly loved eldest son of Mrs W. G. Mair and the late Major Mair, of Killarney Street, Takapuna.
The funeral will leave his sister's residence for O'Neil's Point Cemetery, Tomorrow (Tuesday), at 2.30 p.m.

sheet 3b

Norman William followed in the family tradition and joined the Army.

Third Contingent for Service in South Africa,   ( Rough Riders)
Regimental Number: 743 Company: 2
Name in Full: Norman William Lyndock, Mair
District form which Drafted: Hawkes Bay
Rank and length of Service : Nil
Address:  Te Aute  Hawkes Bay
Trade or Calling:  Station Cadet
Name and Address Employer: Archdn Williams, Te Aute H.B.
Age: 23 Years,  5 months.      Height; 5 feet 11½ inches
Chest measurement 38 inches.   Weight; 11 Stone 11 lb.
Religion: Church of England 
Next of Kin; William Gilbert Mair
Address; Judge Native Land Court, Auckland
To who pay to be paid; Self

Witnessed 15th July nineteen hundred.

Pukeham H.B.

The Defence Minister, Wellington,
I have the honour to inform you that I am desirous of obtaing a commision in the 9th NZ contingeant. I have had fifeteen weeks service with the 3rd contingant and returned to Nz with the rank of sergt.
Trusting that this matter will recieve your consideration
I have the honour to be Sir, your obediant servant
Norman Mair.

Surname:        MAIR., Reg No: 0.
Given Names:    Norman william lynedock.
Rank:           Lieutenant.
Unit:           North Island Regiment -(Boer War) 
                E Squadron. Contingent: Ninth.
County/City:    Waipawa.
Occupation:     Sheep-farmer.
Ship:           Devon 19 March 1902.
Address:        C/o Archdeacon Williams Te Aute, Hawkes Bay.
Next of Kin:             Mair Mr W G.
Relationship to Soldier: father.
Next of Kin Address:     Auckland.
sheet 3c
New Zealand Expeditionary Force,   ( volunter)
Name in Full: Norman William Lyndock, Mair
Where Born: Waipa, New Zealand
British Subject  : Yes
Date of Birth:   13/9/1879
Where Parents Born - Father:  Bay of Islands, New Zealand
                     mother;   Aberdeen, Scotland 
Trade or Calling: Farmer
Home Address;  Waitapu, Rotorua
Where should letters to you be addressed: As No.7 
Hame of last Employer Self
Single,Married,divorced Legally Seperated
Number of Children under 16  One
Have you served in Military or Navel Forces; Yes
Have you been medically examined; Mar 1917, Rotorua, Fit
Are you willing to serve in NZ Expedionary force: Yes

Signed; second May 1918 at Auckland

Norman william lynedock Mair died 7th Febraury 1954.

sheet 4a

Jane (Billie) cathcart mary Mair


Jane Cathcart Mary was born 17th October 1911 in Australia, and was Christened 5th December 1911 at St. Stevens, Newtown, Sydney, Au.

Ivy and Norman (and child) returned to NZ some 6 weeks after "Billie's" birth and her parents seperated Ivy and baby going to live with her parents in Devonport, where Grandma immediatly took charge of the baby.   Jane spent the next 15 years with her Grandparents.

Memoirs of life at Lochaber by Billie Mair

Auckland Star,   25 aug 1933
Social Round,
Miss Billie Mair, of Takapuna, is spending a holiday at Thames
New Zealand Herald,   10th April 1934
Social News;
Miss Billie Mair, of Takapuna, is on a six weeks visit Taihape.
Auckland Star,   3rd July 1934
The Social Round,
Miss Billie Mair, of Takapuna, who has for several months been the guest of Mrs. F. G. Cotterell, of Taihape, is returning home at the end of the week.
Jane cathcart Mair

In the 1935 Voters Register shows;
Billie living with her mother Ivy at Waitamata, Auckland, Hurstmere Rd, N2, Spinster.

Auckland Star,   4th May 1937,
The Social Round,
Miss Billie Mair, Of Takapuna, left for Australia to-day en Route for England.
Arrival - London, 25th June 1937 from Brisbane, Australia
S.S. Mongolia, P & O Steam Navigation Co.
Jane Mair, 25, Journalist, New Zealand
Destination; Helena Residential Club, 82 Lancaster Gate, London

1939 Registration, Kensington, London

1939 reg

Jane Cathcart mary Mair married decqt1940 at Camelford, Cornwall to
Kenneth bernard avenel Evans.

Supliment to the London Gazette, 19th March 1940
R.War. R. - Kenneth bernard Avenel Evans (124443)

Suppliment to London Gazette, 12th June 1951
Royal Army Education Corps. -Lt. (War Subs Capt.)
Kenneth bernard Avenel Evans (124443) from Emerg.commn.,
to be Capt. 13th June 1951, and is granted the Hon rank of Maj.

sheet 4b
1945 Kensington and Chelsea
Avenel-Evan Jane C. M.,  50-52  Lexham Gardens

1946 Queensgate, Kensington
Avenel-Evan Jane C. M.,  50-52  Lexham Gardens
1946 Phonebook, Hammersmith, London
Avenel- Evans J.C.M. 64 Hamlet Gardens W6, RIVerside 3153

1947 - 1957 Voters Kensington and Chelsea
35 Cornwall Gdns Queensgate
Jane Avenel-Evans
Kenneth Bernard A. Evans

1960 2nd June  passenger on flightfrom Amsterdam to New York
Kenneth bernard Evans, British, born 6th Aug 1917, Baroda, India
uk address: 73 Queensgate London SW7

voters 2003-2005
126 Bath road Banbury Oxforshire
Kenneth bernard A. Evans
Mrs Jane C Avenel-Evans

sheet 5a

Kenneth bernard averel Evans- Origins

Born 27 aug 1917 Baroda, India son of William arthur avenel Evans and Mary helen kathleen Furnell
SOURCE            RG14; Piece: 7212; district 132
place             Hornsey, Edmonton, Middlesex
dwelling          schedule 267 , 238 Ferm Park Road, 

William Arthur Avenel Evans  boarder  21   Bank Clerk         India 27 aug 1889
MARRIED 7th july 1915 Quetta, Bengal, India
Mary helen kathleen Furnell born 13 Nov 1895 • Royapuram, Madras,
Arrival - Plymouth, 23rd November 1923 from Bombay, India
S.S. Morvada, British India Steam Navigation Co.
Destination;  32 Victoria Grove, Bridport, Cornwall
William arthur A.        32,   occ. Banking
Mary helen kathleen ;    28,   wife
Kenneth bernard          06,  
Norbert Askew Avenel;    07,  
Mary Joy      Avenel;    02,   
Margaret mary            01,   

Indian Army Reserve of Officers, page 510
Infantry, Leiutenants
560 - Evans, William arthur avenel(51)
date of first commnd 19 march 1915  
Date of rank         19march 1916

Roll of Service of Old Elizabethians who served 1914-1919
EVANS, William Arthur Avenel (3024)
Lt., 43rd Erinpura Regt. I.A. Mesopotamia

sheet 6a

Averil May Collyer

Averil May Collyer was concieved circa Aug 1919 and Ivy Claimed Captain Collyer to be the father. There is speculation that Collyer might not be the father since Ivy did not Board his ship till 23rd August 1919
ie the baby was born 22 april 1920 at least a month premature?

1921 No.152, Registration in Sub-district of  Clifton in the County of   Bristol
When and
where born
Name Sex Name of
Name of
of Father
Informant When
Twenty second
1 Richmond
Park Road
Girl Andrew
Ivy jane
formerly Alison
Master Mariner
19 The Grove
Woking, Surrey
Andrew Collyer
19 The Grove
Ivy jane Mair
Portman Hotel
25 Portman St. London
6th July
on the
authority of
Registrar General

Captain Collyer was already married but arranged for his married sister Marion Cox to adopt the Baby, however she was 55 years old and off-loaded most of the care to her husband's mistress Sylvia Bisham by whom he who already had a young child, Alan bertram Cox-Bisham, born 16 feb 1913

1939 Register 
source                Enumeration District   DHYH , 66-3 edno4b
place                 Hyth Kent
address               68 Marine Parade
1 / John  B.    Cox    Muscian Retired  born 22nd June 1868
2/ Marion  E.L. Cox    Artist Retired   born 13th July 1860

                      66b? Marine Parade
1 and 2 redacted
3 /  Sylvia H  Bisham          born 28th Feb 1878  Unpaid Domestic
4 / Redacted
5 / Alan B Cox-Bisham

1948 Spelthorn Middlesex
110 Petersfield 

sheet 7a

Captain Andrew Collyer

Born 1st June 1866, son of Marion and Bristow Collyer
Baptised 23rd August 1866 at St. John The Baptist, Croydon

1861 census
source             RG 9; Piece: 449; Folio: 89; Page: 7;
place              Croydon, Kent 
Dwelling           schedule 31, London Road  

Bristow       Collyer  head m 34    Brewer           Farnham Surrey
Maria         Collyer  wife m 20                     Tonbridge
Marion Emily  Collyer  dau     8months               Croydon
Martha Johnson      vistor    25     Fund holder
Ann Keeley            serv    29
Jane Thredgull        serv    23
Maria Biggs 	      serv    30

Bristow Collyer died 12 July 1870
Probate 9th August 1870
COLLYER Bristow.
The WILL of Bristow Collyer late of Croydon in the county of Surrey, Brewer deceased who died 12 July 1870 at Beddington in the county aforesaid, was proved at the Principle Registry by the Oaths of Andrew alfred Collyer-Bristow of 4 Bedford Row, in the County of Middlesex, Esquire the brother and James Tucker Withers of 4 Bedford Row aforesaid, Esquire, The Executors.
Effects under £45,000. resworn july 1871 under £40,000.

1871 census
source                  RG10; Piece: 1087; Folio: 6; Page: 6;
place                   the Palace, Brighton, Sussex
Dwelling                schedule 15, 119 Kings road (Hotel)

Marion Collyer 	28  head  W  Annuitant                        Tonbridge kent
Marion emily Laura  Collyer    10   dau                       Croydon surrey
Claud bristow       Collyer     9   son                       Croydon surrey
Lilian Mary         Collyer     8   dau                       Croydon surrey
Andrew              Collyer     7*  son                       Croydon surrey 
Alice   Bristow     Collyer     4*  dau                       Croydon surrey
Willy   Bristow     Collyer     1   son            Beddington(Croydon) Surrey
Annie   Abbott                 29   serv
*ages mixed up Andrew born 1866 and Alice 1864
Claud bristow Collyer died 1937 effects to Alice Collyer Lilliam mary Collyer died 1940

1881 census      Vessels, Dartford, Kent
source           RG11; Piece: 868; Folio: 136; Page: 7;
Thames Nautical Training College, HMS Worcester (3)

Andrew Collyer  14  Cadet                      Croydon
Andrews siblings Lilly,alice and Willy are in boarding schools
Marion aged 20 visiting Lillyand alice
Claude bristow and mother Marion not found.

sheet 7b
1885 12th October,
Andrew Collyer, Appentice, born london aged 19
SS Port Jackson, arrived Sydney from London

1887 9th June, 
Andrew Collyer,  2nd Mate Cert
Address Beddington Place Croydon

1891 census
source           RG12, Piece 1034
place            Bedford Park, Chiswick
dwelling         schedule 225, 60 Flanders Road

Mary    Collyer  head   s  30  Artist, picture scupture       Croydon
Lillian Collyer  sister s  28 Living on own means             Croydon
Mary Breathwick  serv   s  42   General Servant              

1892 24th May,
Andrew Collyer,  1st Mate Cert
Address 60 Flanders Road, Bedford Park

1894 1st June, 
Andrew Collyer,  Masters Cert
Address 60 Flanders Road, Bedford Park

In 1894 when Andrew Collyer recieved his Masters Ticket- his address was 60 Flanders road
probably with his sister Lillian as his sister Marion had married William Bertram Cox in 1893, Brentford and lived at 17 Flanders Road in 1901
Lillian had moved a few streets away by 1901 census to a flat in Bedford Park Mansions.

In 1900 Andrew Collyer married Janet Home near Dorking Surrey.

sheet 7c

1901 census 
source          RG13  piece 677 folio   76 page 15
Place           Richmond north, Kingston Surrey
dwelling        schedule 87, 32 The Avenue 

John S. Home   head  M  60  Yppes Div. Clerk Seamans Register board of Trade,  Westminster
Rosalie Home   wife  M  62                                                   Russle Square
Andrew Collyer  SIL  M  35  Mercantile Mariner (chief Officer on P& ) ss. P alermo)  Croydon 
Janet  Collyer  dau  m  30                                                  Shepherds Bush 
Elizbeth Holloway serv  44  Cook
Elsie  Kingwood   serv  17  housemaid

1911 census
source         RG14; Piece: 3017; Schedule Number: 282
place          Chobham, Chertsy, Surrey
dwelling       The Hawthornes, The Grove 

John Stuart          Home     head W 70  Civil servant, Clerk Seaman's Registry, 
                                                 Board of Trade,      Westminter
Janet               Collyer   dau  m 43  m 11 yrs children 3          Shepherds Bush 
Rosalie murial home Collyer   dau  9                                  Kew Gardens*
Janet winifred home Collyer   dau  8                                  Kew Gardens
Nancy Lillian home  Collyer   dau  6                                  Woking surrey
Edith Minett                  serv 30  Cook
Edith Dobson                  serv 26  Parlour maid
Elizabeth ann Fountain        serv 33  Nurse
*Rosalie birth was registered in Richmond but christened at Okewood/Dorking
1917 SS Karmala arrived New York 10th aug 1917
departed from London, captain Andrew Collyer aged 50
1921  voters list, Parish of Horsell, South Ward, Farnham Surrey, 
The Hawthorns, The  Grove , 
Andrew Collyer
Janet  Collyer

1922 voters list, Parish of Horsell, South Ward, Farnham Surrey, 
19 Grove , 
Andrew home Collyer
Janet  Collyer

sheet 7d

  Bristow Collyer
  b.1828  Farnham Surrey
  d.1870  Croydon, Surrey
  Marion      Bristow      Lillian      Alice         Andrew       Bruce        William
  emily       claude       mary         bristow       |            |            bristown 
  laura       |            |            |             |            |            |
  b.1860      b.1861       b.1863       b.1864        b.1866       b.1867       b.1870
  d.1957      d.1937       1940         d.1956        d.1928       d.1868
                                                      see below

     Andrew Collyer 
     b.01jun1866 Croydon
     m.05july1900 ...............................................................p.
     |                                                                          | 
     Janet                                                                      Ivy jane
     Home                                                                       Mair nee Alison 
     b.~1870                                                                    b.19feb1887
     d.1927                                                                     d.16feb1979
     |                                                                          |
     Rosalie          Janet                           Nancy                     Averil
     murial           winifred                        lillian mary              May
     home             home                            home                      Collyer         
     b.14may1901      b.12aug1902                     b.08mar1905               b.20may1920
     c.20jul1901      c.                              c.25may1905
     d.aug1986        d.sep1993                       d.03may1981
     |                |                               |
     m.sepqt1925      m1.14jun1924....m2.1933         m.dec1931
     |                |               |               |                 
     William          Kenneth         Richard         Enest           
     O.G.             francis         digby           bracewell    
     Frank            Brumfit         Rolt            Kelly                 
     b.               b.1900          b.1909          b.1889
     d.               d.1975          d.1980          d.1953

Rosalie M.H. Collyer married sepqt1925 Steyning(Worthing)
to William O. G. Frank.
They lived 1939-61 at 30 Mount Herman Rd Farnham, Woking

Janet winifred home Collyer married junqt1925 Chertsey,
to Kenneth F. Brumfit,
remarried sepqt1933 Kensington to Richard D. Rolt

Nancy L M H Collyer married decqt1931 Sheppey
to Ernest Bracewell Kelly

sheet 7e


PROBATE , 1927, Collyer
Collyer, Janet of 54 Rowlans Road Worthing
(wife of Andrew collyer) died 15th November 1927.
Probate London 13th december to the said
Andrew Collyer retired Mercantile Captain.
Effects £86 7s 6d
PROBATE , 1928, Collyer
Collyer, Andrew of Espero Chantry road Worthing
died 22nd January 1928.
Probate London 28th February to Thomas Smith Curtis and Charles Frederick Booth solicitors.
Effects £309 17s 3d

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