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Ewen william Alison married 1st November 1905 to
Winifred violet Reed.
Voters register
1911 Waitemata, Auckalnd
Ewen  william  Alison junior, Takapuna, Solicitor
Winifred violet Alison, the Drive Takapuna, married

1914 Waitamata, Auckland
Ewen   william  Alison junior, Takeapuna, Solicitor
Winifred violet Alison       , The Drive, Takapuna, married

1919 Parnell, Auckland
Ewen william Alison Junior, 1 Roslyn Avenue, Remuera, Barrister and solicitor
Winifred violet Alison    , 1 roslyn Avenue, Remuera, married

1928  Auckland East 
Ewen   william  Alison Junior , 62 St. Stephens Avenue, Solictor
Winifred violet Alison        , 62 St. Stephens Avenue, married
Ewen willam cameron Alison,   , 62 St. Stephens Avenue, Law Clerk

1935 Parnell, Auckland
Ewen william Alison junior, 50 Lillington Road, SE2, solicitor
winifred   violet   Alison, 50 Lillington road, SE2, married
Audrey may          Alison, 50 Lillington Road, SE2, spinster
Geoffrey wynne Alison, 31 Omahu Road SE2, no occupation

1946 Remuera, Auckland
Ewen  william   Alison, 60 Lillington Road, Solicitor
Winifred violet Alison, 60 Lillington Road, married

1954 Remuera, Auckland
Ewen  william   Alison, 60 Lillington Road, Solicitor
Winifred violet Alison, 60 Lillington Road, married

Children of Ewen william Alison jnr. and Winifred violet Reed

1. Ewen william cameron Alison 
Born       19th Nov  1906 Takapuna
Died            Nov  1992 buried O'Neills Point, Devonport
Married              1978?  Dianna O'Neill

2. Ellice Charlotte 
Born      2nd  Oct   1908 Auckland 
Died     16th  June  1938 Auckland 
Married   3rd  Dec   1930           to Donald Grey Commons, no details

3. Audrey mary Alison 
Born    13th June  1910 Auckland, 
Died     7th  May  2001 London? 
Married  13th sep  1936  Auckland     to Roland(roley)henry Browne 
                                      Roland died 1st nov 1943 Hawkes Bay agd 34
2nd marriage  10th sep  1955          to Garth Williams

4. Geoffrey Wynne Alison
Born:      23rd April 23 1914  Auckland ,
Died;      27th April    1941  buried Athens, Greece

RIP Geoffery Wynne Alison

Rank:              Private
Service No:        2580
Death:             27/apr/1941
Age:               27
Regiment:          New Zealand Infantry
Panel Reference:   Face 13.
Memorial:          ATHENS MEMORIAL

Additional Information:
Son of Ewen William and Winifred Violet Alison, of Remuera, Auckland, NZ.

Battle of Greece 1941

Source Wikapedia
Operation Marita began on 6 April, the bulk of the Greek army was on the Albanian border, from which the Italians were trying to enter Greece. German troops invaded through Bulgaria, creating a second front. Greece had already received a small though inadequate reinforcement from British Empire forces, in anticipation of the German attack but no more help was sent after the invasion began.
The Greek army found itself outnumbered in its effort to defend against both Italian and German troops. As a result, the Bulgarian defensive line did not receive adequate troop reinforcements and was quickly overrun by the Germans, who then outflanked the Greek forces in the Albanian borders, forcing their surrender. The British Empire forces were overwhelmed and forced to retreat with an ultimate goal of evacuation.

The German army reached the city of Athens on 27 April and Greece's southern shore on 30 April, capturing 7,000 British Empire forces and ending the battle with a decisive victory.
British Empire
903 dead,
1,250 wounded,
13,958 captured

5. Lyned winifred Alison 
Born       10th June  1917   Auckland 
Died        8th Oct   1974   Wellington --   buried Karori Cemetary 
Married    10th April 1942   to Eric Wilfred Benton  born 27th Sep 1914 Gisbourne 

           Eric  remarried (when) to Isabel McTavish - she died 1994
           Eric died 18th  July 1993 Wellington, buried buried Karori Cemetary


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