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Alfred Roderick Alison born 20 July 1883
Education Enrolled 03 feb 1890 Devonport school
Married 18th April 1911 to Anna fanny Staunton
Alfred 4th November 1972 aged 89
Anna fanny was born 30 July 1882 daughter of
Elizabeth Flynn and Richard james Staunton (married 1863)
Anna fanny died 5th june 1971 aged 91

Matiatia gateway to Waiheke by Paul Monin (page 51/52)

The frequent visits of civic leaders and other notables to the ALISON homestead at Maitaiatia are part of the Waiheke's folklore, but when a journalist press Fred Alison for details in 1970 he was descrete as ever,and reluctant to tak about such things. Waiheke historian "Dixie Day" has drawn an elegant picture of these occasions.

In the 1920's and 30's, when roading around Auckland was unsealed, rough and dusty, Matiatia was apopular destination for the city notables who arrived by pleasure craft or ferry and were often guests at the Alison homestead -- and enjoyed the gracious hospitality of the Alisons in their victorian style drawing room, sheltered garden or on a Croquet laawn that was later converted to a putting green.

The record of one such visit is in the Alexander Turnbull Library in Wellington In May 1947 Sir Joseph Heenan, who was the under secretary of Internal affairs at the time, visited the Alisons at Matiatia with his wife. Heenan had pprobably met Fred Alison previously in 1938 and 1945, when on the island to discuss local goverment options with residents. Back in Wellington after his 1947 visit Sir Joseph sent the Alisons a bottle of Brandy he had saved for a special occasion, writing:-

I felt after seeing you how much you enjoyed a drop of good brandy, I could not better dispose of it than by giving it to you.-- I hope that on my next visit to Waiheke there may still be a drop of it left to share with you.

(snip) The actress Vivian Leigh almost certainly visited the Alisons at Matiatia in 1962. In January that year she arrived in Auckland to a rousing welcome on the New Zealand leg of an Australian tour.(snip)
"We all loved Auckland" she wrote to a sister inlaw. "particularly because a sprightly nonagerian who took a shine to me & spoiled me greatly which I thoroughly enjoyed"
Source: Google Books.

sheet 2

Waiheke Island Lawn Cemetery Headstone Transcriptions,
Area 4. Roman /Catholic To left of main path, Row 3,

         Lot 134, Anna Fanny Alison,                Lot 138, Alfred roderick Alison 
         Died 5th June 1971,                        Died 4th November 1972 
         Aged 88, Onetangi, Waiheke Island          Aged 89, Onetangi, Waiheke Island

Anna Fanny ALISON
beloved wife of
A.R. (Fred) ALISON
Died 5th June 1971
At rest,
A loving and devoted wife.

Alfred Roderick ALISON
Beloved husband of
Annie Fannie ALISON
son of
Alex and Annie ALISON

Alfred roderick Alison

Alfred rocderick source Takapuna Library
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