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Charles McLean Cameron 
Born     20th July  1822     
Baptised 28th July  1822 
Son to Ewen Cameron and Margaret Colquhoun in Gerradh born 20 currt. 
Parish of Kilmallie in the county of Argyll Scotland. 
Jas Miller Registrar, Fort William 16 June 1871 

Voter lists
1845 Wellington
Charles Cameron     Petoni Road , Labourer
Charles Cameron   Kai Warra Road, Labourer

1870-71 Franklin Auckland
Charles Cameron, Karaka, freehold lots 6 8 Kaaka

Wellington Independant, 13th October 1849
A piece of Freehold land, with a brewery thereon, nearly completed
appply to Charles Cameron
Kai Warra Oct 12, 1849

Wellington Independant, 7th November 1849
30 Head of Cattle, mostly bred in the Colony,
Kia Warra, October 12, 1849

New Zealand Spectator, 24th Dec 1849
THE PROPRIETOR of the above Establishment, having completed his arrangements, begs to announce that he is now prepared to supply Inn keepers and the Public generally with very superior ALE, &c, at the usual prices.
Orders punctually attended to. CHARLES CAMERON. N.B. Fresh Yeast always on hand.

Wellington Independant, 12th November 1850
THE PROPRIETOR of the above Establishment, having completed his arrangements, begs to announce that he is now prepared to supply Innkeepers and the Public generally with very superior ALE, &c., at the usual prices. Orders punctually attended to. CHARLES CAMERON. N.B.—Fresh Yeast always on hand.

The Undersigned begs to intimate that since his brother's departure for the Chatham Islands, he has carried on the business of the above Establishment, and is ready to execute any Orders that he may be favoured with. A. D. C. CAMERON. 12 Nov 1850

sheet 2
Wellington Independant, 10th February 1855
All Parties indebted to Mr. Charles Cameron, late of Kia Warra, are requested to pay the amounts of thier accounts to Mr. William Lyon, forthwith, otherwise legal steps will be taken to recover same. Feb 5, 1855

Duncan Campbell wrote to his brother in law Donald McKinnon in July 1861:
Charles Cameron sold his farm in New Zealand 2 years ago for £2,000
he went to Twofold Bay & he lost all.

Twofold Bay and Maneroo Telgraph, 22nd June 1860. Shipping Inteligence, Port of Eden, Twofold Bay, Arrivals june 21 City of Sydney,Steamer, Moodie from Melbourn 19th isnt Passengers - Saloon Mr Cameron; and thirty five in the steerage.
Twofold Bay and Maneroo Telgraph, 10th August 1860. Shipping Inteligence, Port of Eden, Twofold Bay, Arrivals 9 August London Str., 400 tons, Moodie, from Melbourne 7th inst Passengers -Saloon; Mr. Cameron and 22 in steerage. S & H Solomons Agents

Country News, 24th July 1860
Sale of Crown land at Eden,
A sale of Crown lands took place at the Police office,Eden, on Wednesday the 18th instant, presided over by mr . P J Murray PM. The bidding in all cases was well maintained.
The following table shows the amount realised, and the names of the purchasers of the several lots.
Eden Town Lots;
Lot 25, 2 roods, Charles Cameron, £41 10s
Lot 26, 2 roods, Charles Cameron, £31

Twofold Bay and Maneroo Telgraph, 4th September 1860. Shipping Inteligence, Port of Eden, Twofold Bay, Imports , Rangatira Cameron:- 1 Bag Flour

Sydney Morning Herald, 23rd August 1861
In the Supreme Court New South Wales.
Between WILLIAM GEORGE PENNINGTON, plaintiff, and CHARLES CAMERON, defendant.
WHEREAS an action has been commenced in this Court at the suit of the above named William George Pennington against the above-named Charles Cameron to recover the sum of £60 being the amount of draft or order drawn by defendant and payable to plaintiff and it being alleged that the said Charles Cameron does not reside within this colony or its dependencies a writ of foreign attachment has been issued returnable on the second day of September next wherein
Notice is hereby given thereof and if at any time before final judgment in this action the said Charles Cameron or any person on his behalf will give the security and notice and file the appearance and plea required by the Act intituled An Act to consolidate and amend the laws relating to actions against persons absent from the colony and against persons sued as joint contractors the attachment may be dissolved.
Dated this 21st day of August, 1861.
_W. G. PENNINGTON, plaintiff in person.

sheet 3
Daily Southern Cross, 25th October 1861
The estate of Charles Cameron, lately residing at Eden Twofold Bay, in the Colony of New South Wales, and in Sydney, in the said colony, Land owner, (formerly residing in New Zealand), has by order of one of the Judges of the Supreme Court of New South Wales, dated the ninth day of September instant, been placed under sequestration for the benifit of his Creditors.

Andrew Hardie McCallock,
Attorney for the petitioning Creditors, 50 Wynyard Square, SYDNEY
Sydney sept, 1861

Empire, Sydney NSW, Saterday 29th March 1862
INSOLVENCY COURT, Before the Chief commisioner;
In the Estate of Charles Cameron, a third meeting.
One debt was proved. Insolvent had absconded without filing a shedule under tho compulsory sequestration. The official assigneee was directed to realise insolvent's interest in properties at Twofold Bay and New Zealand, in the event of he finding them of sufficient value.

In 1882 Charles Cameron is residing in London, so far he has not been identified in the 1881 census.
It would seem probable that he fled Australia/NZ for England in 1860/61 as indicated by the supreme court ruling in 1861 for a writ of foriegn attachment.

1905-6 Eden, auckland
Charles McLean Cameron, Costley Home, Inmate

sheet 4
Charles mcclean Cameron destitute
Research by Stuart Park:-
According to his death certificate, C McL Cameron died of senile decay in Costley Home, Epsom on 1 April 1909,and was buried at O'Neill's Point on 2 April.
I examined the Costley Home register at Archives NZ in 2016. He applied to Costley Home for 'relief' on 17 August 1893, because of 'paralysis and destitution'. His then residence was c/o Tobias Allison.
His case was reviewed periodically, as was required, and his condition was described as 'chronic'. He had lived 'in the District' for 6 years, and continued to live at Costley Home until his death in 1909 (recorded in the Committee Minute book on 15 April 1909).
It's hardly surprising his grave is unmarked -

Having apparently fled to England circa 1860 from his debts its yet clear how and when he returned to NZ,
Given in 1893 Charles was living with Tobias Alison, who mother Jane Alison nee Cameron was his sister, it would seem he maintained some family contact whilst in UK. and possible had been living with his widowed sister who died 6 months previous to his move to Costley home.

Deaths in the District of Auckland   during the quarter ending 30 June 1909
Name and Surname, Occupation Charles mclean Cameron, ~~~
When and where died 1909 april 1st, Costley Home Epsom
Sex and Age Male, 87 years
Cause of Death, Duration of Ilness Senile Decay,
Medical attendant, When deceased last seen Dr. King, 31 March 1909
Name and Surname, Profession of Father Ewen Cameron, Tailor
Maiden name of Mother Colquhoun, Cameron
When and where buried, Minister or Witness 2nd April 1909, O'Niels Point
Where born, how long in NZ Scotland, 40 Years
Where Married, Age, to Whom ~~~~
Living Issue ~~~~~~~
Informant, Occupation, Witness Jas Jamieon, Undertaker, Auckland
Registrar, Date and number of Registration Dueroam, Regt. 14th April 1909, No.324

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