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From Blenheim  Passenger list  june 1840 and IGI

              Blenheim       IGI  father Ewen               Mother
 Mary         1811/12        c.24jan1812                    Pegg Colquhoun
 Flora        1813/14        b.             c.                     
 Marjory      1815/16       
 Jane         1817/18        not found
 Marsley                     b.01mar1818    c.03mar1818     Margaret Colquhoun
 John                        b.04apr1820    c.09apr       

 Sarah         1823/24        not found
 Allan         1825/26        b.22aug1826   c.03sep1826     Maria    Colquhoun
 Donald        1827/28
 Margaret      1830/31        margaraet     c.24apr1831     Margraet Colquhon   Kilmallie
 Charles 1     1831/32        
 Ann           1832/33        b.08apr1833   c.15apr1833     Margaret Colquhoun  Kilmallie    c115204
 Ann           1832/33        b.06apr1833   c.15apr1833     Margaret Colquhoun  Ballachulish c115062
 Catherine     1835/36        b.09jan1836   c.15jan1836     Peggy Cameron       Kilmallie c.115204 
 Catherine     1835/36        b.09feb1836   c.01mar1836     Margaret or Peggy Cameron  LDS Drumerbin,Kilmallie     
 Catherine     1835/36        b.16feb1836   c.01mar1836      Cameron             Kilmallie c.115204      

 Donald CAMERON    52 Labourer        From Trishilaig -
 Mary (McPherson)  40
 Janet             26 Dairymaid
 John              24 Quarrier
 Allan             22 Quarrier
 Donald            20 Shoemaker
 Duncan            18 Shepherd
 Ewen              17 Plougman
 Alexander         15 Cowherd
 James             14 Cowherd
 Ann               12        b.27dec1827 c.27dec1827      Mary McPherson    Inverscaddle  c115204
 George             9        b.11feb1831 c.16feb1831      Mary McPherson    Inverscaddle  c115204 

igi Sarah 24jun1824 to Donald and Mary Commerville

Ewen's son John Cameron born 1820 was his only child not to emigrate with them
he is supposed to have live in OBAN, as yet he has not been identified in the census
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