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1901 census
source            RG13 piece 148 folio 92 page 53
place             St Pancras, schedule 346
Dwelling          Gt Northern  Hotel, Kings Cross, Pancras Rd 

Lillian Oakes serv S 18  House maid    Domestic       smethwick Staffordshire

1911 census
Source:                 RG14 pn524 rg78pn18 rd7 sd1 ed10 sn93
Place                   St. Marylebone, London
Dwelling                Welbeck Palace Hotel, Welbeck St    

Lily Oakes  serv 27 single chambermaid            Smethwick (indexed smetwick)
GRO Births
George henry Oakes b.sepqt1913 Islington
mother oakes

Lillian married the father?
George Vanhear a year later

Vanhear Origins

     James hudson
     b.junqt1848 Margate
     m.junqt1873 Ramsgate
     b.marqt1848 Ramsgate 
     James       Edwin         Esther        William      Jane          George 
     robert      charles       jane          george       |             dean    
     ~1875       1877          1879          1881         1882          b.21aug1886
                                                          |             |
                                                          |             |
                                                          m.21feb1903   p.1912...m.sepqt1914
                                                          |  Ramsgate   |
                                                          |             |
                                                          Arthur walter Lillian agnes 
                                                          Atwell        OAKES         
                                                          b.~1881       b.1882
                                                      George       James       Gertrude
                                                      william      E           L
                                                      b.08oct1912  b.1920      b.1921
                                                      d.1995       d.1978      d.1991

1881 census 
Source                   RG11  piece  987 folio 77 page 10    
Place                    Ramsgate   Kent 
Dwelling                 21 Brunswick Street 

Jane     Vanhear  head  M  34   Wife of Fisherman
James    Vanhear  son       6 
Henry?   Vanhear  son       4   (is this Edwin?)
Infant   Vanhear  son       4 days 

1881 census
place         Sheerness  Kent
ships in port
Vessle Clio
James Vanhear  M  34  Master                           Margate Kent      

1891 census       
source                    RG12  piece 731  folio 13 page 19
place                     Ramsgate Kent 
Dwelling                  21 Brunswick st schedule 128 

Jane     Vanhear  wife  m  38  wife of Fisherman at Sea
James    Vanhear  son   s  15  Grocers assistant
Esther   Vanhear  dau      12  Scholar
William  Vanhear  son       9
Jane     Vanhear  dau       8  Scholar 
George   Vanhear  son       4

1891 census 5 april
                       RG12 piece 733   folio 174 page 17 
On board the vessle ALICE (No.68851) 4 miles W N W of Goodwin Light Ship  
Type Fishing , Sailing , Trawing.  
Registered Ramsgate  No. R299 

James Vanhear  Captain   M  42   Skipper Fisherman               Margate
Edwin Vanhear   cook     s  13    Cook                           Ramsgate
Hampshire Telegraph and Sussex Chronicle
Saturday, October 1, 1892;
Category: News
Skipper Vanhear of the Smack Unity, of Ramsg
Its is believed his vessel gave a sudden lurch
throwing him into the water.

1901 census
Source          RG13 piece 825    page 12
place            Ramsgate Kent
Dwelling         21 Brunswick Street, Schedule 14
Jane  Vanhear head W 52                                    Ramsgate Kent
Edwin Vanhear  son s 22   General Labourer                   
George Vanhear son s 14   Errand Boy  Pork butchers

1911 census
source             RG14 piece 734 ed23 sn371
place              East St Pancras
Dwelling           28 Medburn Street

James anderson Campbell and family 
George dean Vandeah  boarder  s 24 Valet  for Club              Ramsgate, Kent

Free BMD has
Lilian A Oakes married 15aug1914 St. John's Croydon, Surrey
George D Vanheah who was born 23aug 1886 Ramsgate Kent
note: indexed as Lilian not LiLLian

George born before they married registered as Oakes

James E Vanhear Marqt1920 Kings norton

Gertrude L born 25 feb 1921 Kings Norton died 25may 1991
married Leonard frederick Ellis

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