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1891 census 
source                       RG12; Piece: 2366; Folio 27; Page 13
Place                        Smethwick , Harbourn district 35
Dwelling                     1 Stoney Street 

Thomas    Oakes  head M 57   Well sinker & Pump maker     Oldbury Worcestershire
Mary      Oakes  wife M 50                                    Oldbury Worcestershire
George Hy Oakes  son  U 26   Brass Caster                     Smethwick Staffordshire
Albert E  Oakes  son  U 22   Brass Caster                     Smethwick Staffordshire
Mary A    Oakes  dau  U 18                                    Smethwick Staffordshire
Thomas    Oakes  son  u 16                                    Smethwick Staffordshire
Charles   Oakes  son  u 14   Boots domestic serv              Smethwick Staffordshire
Gertrude  Oakes  dau  u  12  Scholar                          Smethwick Staffordshire      
Lillian A Oakes  dau  u  8   Scholar                          Smethwick Staffordshire   

1901 census
source                       RG13; Piece: 148; Folio: 91; Page: 52.
Place                        Camden town St Pancras district 8, london 
dwelling                     Gt Northern Hotel, shed 346  

Gertude M Oakes     servant  U 21    house maid dom.           Smethwick,   Staff

1911 census
Place               Smethwick
Dwelling            3 stoney Sreet

Mary         Oakes      head  w  70                       Dudley Wood worcestershire
Gertrude may Alexander  dau   m  31                           Smethwick
Gertrude maud Howlett  gdau      15       clerk jewelers      Smethwick

Free BMD has
Gertrude M. Oakes married 
marQt 1911 Kings Norton 6c 471

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