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1881 census
Dwelling:	 Stoney Street
Place:           Harborne, Stafford, England
Source:          PRO Ref RG11  Piece 2962  Folio 13  Page 19

Thomas           OAKES	Head   M   50   Pump maker (E M)   Oldbury, Worcester
Mary             OAKES  wife   M   41                      Dudley Wood, Worcester
William          OAKES	son 	   17   Pump Maker (E M )  Smethwick, Stafford
George Henry     OAKES  son        15   Pump maker (E M )  Smethwick, Stafford
Albert Ernest    OAKES  son        12   scholar            Smethwick, Stafford
Mary Alice       OAKES  dau         7   Scholar            Smethwick, Stafford
Thomas Frederick OAKES  son         5   Scholar            Smethwick, Stafford
Charles Knight   OAKES  son         3                      Smethwick, Stafford
Gertrude May     OAKES              2                      Smethwick, Stafford

1891 census 
source                       RG12; Piece: 2366; Folio 27; Page 13
Place                        Smethwick , Harbourn district 35
Dwelling                    1 Stoney Street 

Thomas    Oakes  head M 57   Well sinker & Pump maker     Oldbury Worcestershire
Mary      Oakes  wife M 50                                    Oldbury Worcestershire
George Hy Oakes  son  U 26   Brass Caster                     Smethwick Staffordshire
Albert E  Oakes  son  U 22   Brass Caster                     Smethwick Staffordshire
Mary A    Oakes  dau  U 18                                    Smethwick Staffordshire
Thomas    Oakes  son  u 16                                    Smethwick Staffordshire
Charles K Oakes  son  u 14   Boots domestic serv              Smethwick Staffordshire
Gertrude  Oakes  dau  u  12  Scholar                          Smethwick Staffordshire        
Lillian A Oakes  dau  u  8   Scholar                          Smethwick Staffordshire   

1901 census
source               RG13 piece 2824 folio 127  page 3
place                smethwick, Handsworth, Staffordshire
Dwelling             268 Oldbury Road , schedule 21 

George Wheeler head  m 64  living on own means           
Emma   Wheeler wife    m 57                      
Samuel Wheeler son     s 27   Blacksmith       
Arther Wheeler son     s 18   Striker blacksmith
Emma   Wheeler dau     s 24   
Lily   Wheeler dau     s 16
Arther Taylor  gson    s 10
Albert Oakes   visitor s  29      Brass Caaster                 Smethwick

Free BMD has Albert ernest Oakes married Emma jane Wheeler 1906 Kings Norton 6c 817

1911 census 
source             RG14PN17966 RG78PN1094 RD383 SD4 ED24 SN184 
place                Smethwick, kings Norton Staffs 

George Wheeler  head  73 m   Coal Dealing                    Bromgrove
Emma   Wheeler  wife  68 m 48 years  8 children 4 living     Bromsgrove
Lilly   Wheeler  dau  26                                     Smethwick

Emma jane Oakes  dau   35                                    Rood End
Albert    Oakes  SIL   40     Brass Caster                   Smethwick
Albert    Oakes  gson   2                                    west Bromwich
George Taylor    gson  17   assitant in Coal dealing         Smethwick

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