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1881 census
Dwelling:	 Stoney Street
Place:           Harborne, Stafford, England
Source:          PRO Ref RG11  Piece 2962  Folio 13  Page 19

                        Rel   Mar  Age                         Birthplace
Thomas           OAKES	Head   M   50   Pump maker (E M)       Oldbury, Worcester
Mary             OAKES  wife   M   41                          Dudley Wood, Worcester
William          OAKES	son 	   17   Pump Maker (E M )      Smethwick, Stafford
George Henry     OAKES  son        15   Pump maker (E M )      Smethwick, Stafford
Albert Ernest    OAKES  son        12   scholar                Smethwick, Stafford
Mary Alice       OAKES  dau         7   Scholar                Smethwick, Stafford
Thomas Frederick OAKES  son         5   Scholar                Smethwick, Stafford
Charles Knight   OAKES  son         3                          Smethwick, Stafford
Gertrude May     OAKES              2                          Smethwick, Stafford
possible Elizabeth origins

1881 Census
Source:	         PRO Ref RG11    Piece 2962    Folio 55    Page 44
Place:	         Harborne, Stafford, England
Source:	         PRO Ref RG11    Piece 2962    Folio 55    Page 44
Dwelling:	 96 St Georges St

                 Rel Mar Age  Occ                    Birthplace
Benjamin   CROSS  head M  33   Brass Caster           Kings North, Worcester
Elizabeth  CROSS  wife M  32                          Birmingham, Warwick
Elizabeth  CROSS  dau     13                          Birmingham, Warwick
William T. CROSS  son     10                          Birmingham, Warwick
Annie      CROSS  dau      8                          Birmingham, Warwick
Benjamin   CROSS  son      6                          Birmingham, Warwick
Sarah A.   CROSS  dau      4                          Smethwick, Stafford
John R.    CROSS  son      9 m                        Smethwick, Stafford

Free BMD has William Richard Oakes married Elizabeth Cross
JuneQt1885 Kings Norton 6c 679

1891 census 
source                RG12; Piece: 2365; Folio 89; Page 4
Place:              Smethwick , Harbourn district 31 , Stafford
Dwelling            5 Brasshouse lane shed 22 

William R  Oakes  head M 26   Brass Caster                         Smethwick   Staff.
Elizabeth  Oakes  wife M 24                                        Birmingham, Warwick
Gertrude   Oakes  dau     3   Scholar                              Smethwick   Staff.
Thomasn    Oakes  son     1                                        smethwick   Staff

It apprears the family had recently moved to Derbyshire

1901 census 
source              RG13; Piece: 3246; Folio: 93; Page: 1.
place               Hasland, district 34, bordering Chesterfield,    Derbyshire
Dwelling            4 White Bank  shed 4

                 Rel  Mar  Age   Occ                             Birthplace
William R  Oakes head  M   38    Steel Tube Drawer               Smethwick, Stafford
Elizabeth  Oakes wife  M   35                                    Birmingham,  Warwick
Gertrude A Oakes dau       13                                    Smethwick, Stafford 
Thomas     Oakes son       11                                    Smethwick, Stafford  
Albert E   Oakes son        9                                    Smethwick, Stafford    
William R  Oakes son        5                                    Smethwick, Stafford 
Florence V Oakes dau        3                                    Smethwick, Stafford     

1911 census
Source                        RG14PN28221 RD512 SD4 ED8 SN324         
Place                         Campsall, Doncaster, West Yorkshire
Dwelling                      23 Green Lane, Adwick le Street, Woodlands 

William         Oakes head   48 M  26 years    Collier            South Staffordshire
Elizabeth       Oakes wife   44 m  10 children 8 living           Warwickshire
Gertrude annie  Tuke   dau   24 m  2 weeks     mothers help                 South Staffordshire 
Thomas          Oakes  son   21      Collier                      South Staffordshire
Albert Est.     Oakes  son   19      Pony Driver                  South Staffordshire
William richard Oakes  son   15      Pony driver                  South Staffordshire
Florence        Oakes  dau   14                                   South Staffordshire
George henry    Oakes  son    9                                   Derbyshire
Alice           Oakes  dau    7                                   Derbyshire
Lucy rosina     Oakes  dau    6                                   Derbyshire
Leonard luke    Oakes gson    7months                             Yorkshire

Gertrude a Oakes m.marqt1911 Doncaster Thomas Tuke
he is stil living with 6 siblings and his mother who is housekeep to the recently widowed Alfred Fletcher Collery contractor who has a 4 children including a 9 month old baby.
the Oakes live less than half a mile away

1911 census
place             Woodland Doncaster 
Dwelling          31 The Park 

Thomas Tuke  23 m  collier stone miner     

Lucy r oakes m.sepqt1927 doncaster Herbert Gyte
Albert Ernest Oakes m.junqt1919 Doncaster Elizabeth Swann
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