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1841 census
source           Ho107, Piece 1147 book 5, folio 12 page 16/17
Place            St Thomas parish, Birmingham
Dwelling         William Street 

Thomas  Mann head 50  Cooper            Y
Sophia  Mann wife 45                    Y
Edward  Mann      20   Button Burnisher Y
William Mann      15   Brass Foundery   Y
Emma    Mann      15                    Y
Frederick Mann    10                    Y
James   Mann      10                    Y
Thomas  Mann       5                    Y
Mary    Mann       5                    Y

Baptisms St Phillips Birmingham
Emma sophia Mann born 12 march 1826 bapt 20 september 1830 St Phillips
mother Sophia father Thomas of William St.Cooper

Edward Mann born 10may1828 bapt 6apr1929 St Phillips
mother sophia father Thomas of no 6 court William St. Cooper

1851 census 
Source           Ho107, Piece 2052, Folio 229     page 12
Place            St Thomas' parish Birmingham
Dwelling         schedule 47, No.1 Court 6, William Street 

Sophia     Mann  head  W  56                           Birmingham Warickshire
James      Mann  son   s  19  Stamper                  Birmingham
Thomas     Mann  son   s  14  Brass Founder            Birmingham
Daniel Harrison  SIL   m  30  Fitter                   Walsall Warickshire
Emma   Harrison  dau   m  26                           Birmingham Warickshire
George Harrison  gson      2                           Birmingham Warickshire
Frederick Hallison gson    10 months                   Birmingham Warickshire

Emma sophia Mann 23 married 28nov1847 Harbourne Stafford to Daniel Harrison 27 Engine Fitter
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