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Toronto Campbells Preface

Amoungst the Family albums are 5 photos of Campbells from Ontario Canada,
Doc. James Campbell, Catherine and Margaret Turvey nee Campbell. The back of the image of Margaret bears the monogram of W.Langdale, Photographer, Wingham, Ontario. An inscription in blue ink, probably written by the same person at two different times, reads “Maggie Campbell” and “Mrs & Mr Turvey Bluevale [Pte – not clear] Ont.”

With the aid of research by Marian Press, an Ontario librarian and genealogist who is a friend of Stuart Park, she found Margaret Campbell's marriage details, naming her parents, also the family in 1871 census, confirming parents also that Doctor James Campbell and Catherine Campbell were Margaret's siblings, also their origin in Aberfeldy, Perthshire, Scotland.

Further research has found Margaret Campbell and family in the 1851 Aberfeldy census,Scotland, showing her mother Ann Dewar and early children were born Dull. Margaret's birth although according to census was in Logierate (Aberfeldy) was actually recorded in the parish of DULL! - the same parish as our Campbells.

The New Zealand Campbell family has connections to Aberfeldy, and many of the Christian names in the Canadian family are the same as those in the New Zealand family. However to date it has not been possible to connect the two families. This is partly because of the Scottish habit of reusing Christian names frequently and in several generations.

Both families descend from an 'Alexander Campbell' but these men are not the same person. Scottish historical records show a large number of Campbells and of Alexander Campbells in and around Aberfeldy in the first part of the nineteenth century. The fact that this photograph, together with one of Margaret’s brother John and her sister Kate, were in the possession of the New Zealand Campbells clearly demonstrates a connection, but they could have been family friends or neighbours and are not necessarily related.

Soon after the 1851 census the family emigrated to Canada,
where another 4 children were born.


Toronto Campbell Origins

   1851 census Aberfeldy, SCOTLAND
   Source    Perthshire ED11, page 10, Line 7, CT1851-78 parish 376
   Dwelling  schedule 33 , 13 Toll Street.

   Alexander    Campbell  head   33 house carpenter     Aberfeldy
   Ann Campbell nee Dewar  wife  32                     Dull
   Alexander    Campbell   son    8                     Dull
   John         Campbell   son    4                     Dull
   Duncan       Campbell   son    2                     Dull
   Margaret     Campbell   dau    3 Mo                  Logierait* 

Margaret Campbell's birth recorded in Dull

Margaret Birth
Margt. -- Daughter to Alexandra Campbell & Ann Dewar
          in Aberfeldy was born 10th October 1850
Sadly the name of the family home can not be decifered.

Ontario census info and other details